Intense Pulse Light – IPL Therapy in Virginia

If you’re self conscious about the signs of aging on your face, you may want to consider intense pulse light (IPL) treatment at Center for Plastic Surgery. We’re a top choice for non-invasive plastic surgery in Northern Virginia and are now offering this quick, FDA-cleared, cosmetic procedure to reveal more youthful-looking skin. Results are immediate and visible after just one treatment.

Intense pulse light treatment, also called photo rejuvenation, is non-invasive; it uses the power of highly concentrated light to remove improperly pigmented skin that may result from sunspots, age spots, rosacea, dilated capillaries, and photo damage. Similar to laser hair removal, IPL can also be used to target areas with stubborn facial hair, removing it at the root.

IPL Treatment: What to Expect

Depending on the severity and scope of the skin condition being treated, treatment can last anywhere from a half hour to an hour. During your consultation, you’ll probably be scheduled for three to six treatments, scheduled at three to four week intervals, but this may vary.

Preparations for this treatment are minimal. Arrive without makeup.

IPL treatments are administered with a precision hand piece. Before beginning, the nurse will apply a cooling gel and provide you with sunglasses for protection against the bright light. The sensation of the treatment itself has been described as similar to a small rubber band flicking your skin. Because the only skin being affected by the treatment is the superficial layer on top, this sensation will fade soon after the treatment ends. Patients may return to normal activity immediately.

You don’t have to live with facial and body complexion flaws anymore! To target and remove the telltale signs of aging and unveil clearer, younger-looking skin, come to one of the most celebrated plastic surgeons in DC for IPL therapy. Come in for a consultation to further discuss the risks and benefits of IPL treatment.

†Cost estimates are all-inclusive ballpark figures. Actual procedures to be performed and costs vary depending on individual patient needs. Our Patient Coordinator will provide a fee quote after your consultation with the physician.