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Chin Augmentation

If you are bothered by a “weak chin” a chin augmentation procedure can address your concern. One approach increases chin prominence through the use of an implant. Plastic or synthetic implants are inserted through either an incision in the mouth or a small incision under the chin. The implant rests on the front surface of the lower jaw and gives a permanent result. Another procedure—sliding Genioplasty which repositions the lower jaw—may be called for in some cases. Chin implants often are combined with cosmetic rhinoplasty to improve facial balance. A consultation with a plastic surgeon is the best first step for exploring these options.


After surgery, the chin will be swollen, and the lower jaw may look bruised. A liquid or soft diet is required for the first few days. There are no restrictions on showering or bathing. Most swelling will subside by ten to fourteen days after surgery. You may resume exercise at that point. Some patients have postoperative numbness, which usually lasts only three to four weeks. The chin may not feel completely normal, however, for four to six weeks.

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