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Why is Facelift Terminology So Confusing?

MACS, mini, mid, lunchtime, weekend: when it comes to facelifts, what does it all mean? As you research options for facial rejuvenation, you are likely to come across varied and unfamiliar terms, and wonder which procedure is best for you. When considering different types of facelifts it’s important to separate fact from marketing hype. Dr. Price wrote about […]


Are there options when considering facelift surgery?

The best results from facelift surgery today come from a thorough evaluation of a patient’s facial concerns and then adapting the right approach for each patient. A cookie cutter procedure (done during “lunchtime “ or some other meal) is rarely successful or long lasting. Each patient’s situation can vary and may dictate a shorter scar […]


Secondary Facelifts: Now With Less Complications

So, you got a facelift and loved your results but now your age is coming through again? As they say, nothing lasts forever. Unfortunately, this goes for the results of your facelift too. Many men and women turn back the clock through facelift surgery, but over time, the natural aging process can start to affect […]


Cosmetic Pick-Me-Ups: They’re Not Just For The Gals

  The tide has shifted.  This past year has had the media buzzing about the growing trend of men seeking cosmetic procedures.  For example, the term “Brotox” was coined (the nickname that fondly references men getting Botox).  From Botox to beer bellies, it seems the fellas are finally embracing the notion that they’d like to […]


It’s My Turn to Choose

Finding out you have breast cancer would be enough to make even the strongest woman crumple like an autumn leaf.  But for DeAnne, she had the ultimate test of courage when she had to endure this diagnosis twice in two years. Once her treatments were complete, she asked a friend for help with a referral […]


“A Gift Just for Me”

For 63 year old Susan, needles are a terrifying thought – so much so that she even delivered her son naturally.  She said, “I wanted to give a gift to myself to take care of the turkey neck I had always hated.  I inherited it from my father, and it got even more exaggerated after […]

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