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Millennials vs. Baby Boomers: Who’s Getting More Plastic Surgery?

From Kaley Cuoco’s well-publicized love for her breast implants to fascinations with Kylie Jenner’s ever-plump pout, plastic surgery headlines often tell the tale of millennial celebrities who are anything but shy about the work they’ve had done. But are millennials in general having more cosmetic surgery than other generations? The Washington Post recently highlighted the …

Center for Plastic Surgery

Are You Getting the Most out of Your Mommy Makeover?

Pregnancy and childbirth can be a rewarding, magical experience. But many mothers end up feeling disenchanted with their post-pregnancy bodies, given how the rigors of pregnancy and childbirth can wreak havoc on your physique. During pregnancy, your body undergoes widespread changes, both outwardly and physiologically. On top of the expected physical changes to your skin, …

Center for Plastic Surgery

The Public Face of Politics: is Washington D.C. an Expanding Plastic Surgery Market?

Recently, the Washington Post published an article exploring what it calls one of our city's "worst kept secrets": politicians returning from a weekend away looking refreshed and vibrant, but not thanks to rest and relaxation—instead they made a visit to the plastic surgeon's office. The article suggests that cosmetic treatments are becoming a staple among …