Autologous Breast Reconstruction in Washington, D.C.

What is Autologous Reconstruction?

Autologous breast reconstruction is a reconstructive technique using the patient’s own tissue to recreate the breast. This form of reconstruction allows for a natural look and feel without the use of implants.

Who is a Candidate?

Breast reconstruction with autologous tissue is for those who have undergone a mastectomy after breast cancer. The procedure can help women regain a sense of self and improve body image following mastectomy. Autologous reconstruction is a great option for those who want natural results. However, to be a successful candidate, patients must have enough tissue from other areas of the body to be used during reconstruction. Those who are very thin may not be the best candidates for this type of breast reconstruction.

The Procedure

There are many different techniques when it comes to autologous breast reconstruction depending on the individual patient’s needs and donor site availability. Your surgeon might discuss one or a combination of the following with you:

These techniques all use fat, skin, blood vessels, and sometimes a section of muscle from other areas of the body to reconstruct the breast mound. The technique used will depend on the individual case and how much tissue is available to move to the breast for reconstruction.

Results and Recovery

Your recovery from autologous breast reconstruction will depend on the specific techniques used during your procedure. With autologous reconstruction, recovery involves the reconstructed breast as well as the donor site. During recovery, it is important not to put any strain on the newly constructed breast of the donor site. This will involve some physical restrictions and time off work to properly recover. To ensure the most effective outcome and lowest risk of complications, patients need to follow all post-op instructions provided to them carefully.

After the healing process, patients can enjoy the results of their reconstructive surgery with breasts that are natural looking, contoured, and that will last a lifetime.