PRP Therapy for Hair Restoration in Washington, D.C.

What is PRP Hair Restoration?

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) has many uses in anti-aging procedures because of its ability to concentrate the growth factors commonly found in the blood and plasma. These growth factors are important to your skin’s ability to create new collagen and elastin, as well as stimulate the hair follicles. It’s like a kickstart for your skin’s important growth functions, which can begin to fail as the aging process sets in.

Who is a Candidate for PRP Therapy?

Unlike other treatments that might have disqualifiers, this treatment can be highly effective for most patients, especially those with early hair loss. It’s also best for patients who experience thinning or loss on top of the head as opposed to the hairline or sides.

What to Expect from Your PRP Therapy Treatment

It might sound like science fiction, but the PRP treatment is quick and easy. It begins with blood drawn from the arm (during which we can take steps to ensure you’re comfortable and relaxed), and the vial is then placed within a centrifuge, which spins the vial at a high rate so that the blood and plasma are separated. The platelet-rich plasma is then injected directly into the scalp where it can be easily accessed by the hair follicles. These small injections cover the area of hair loss at about half-inch intervals so that it’s evenly distributed. Depending on the extensiveness of the treatment, it can take around a half hour.

Results & Recovery

Extensive hair regrowth can take multiple treatments, but your aesthetician will ensure you create an effective treatment plan. Sessions are usually planned once per month for an appropriate length of time, but results are usually seen within the first two or three months. PRP Hair Restoration can be part of a varied treatment plan that includes other methods or topical medications to ensure that you get your best results quickly and effectively.

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