The Center for Plastic Surgery team in Annandale offers the expertise and skill of some of the best surgical practices – doctors James French, Wesley Price, Samir Rao, and Frank Albino, in collaboration with doctors Albert Fleury Sr. and Albert Fleury Jr. This merger brings the best in plastic and reconstructive surgery to patients in the areas of Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia. The surgeons and staff at the center are committed to offering you the best in skin care, surgical and non-surgical procedures.

Breast surgery procedures

Breast procedures remain the most popular with women all over the world. Pregnancy, breastfeeding and weight loss bring about many changes to the breasts including sagging, volume loss and droopiness. In addition to helping you restore youthful perkiness of the breasts, Center for Plastic surgery also helps revise the results from a previous augmentation that did not go well. Women in Annandale a choose from the below breast procedures:

Body surgical procedures

Not only age and genetics, environmental factors, pregnancy, and significant weight fluctuations also change the shape and size of your body. You can opt for complete body contouring or choose the appearance of a particular area of your body, CPS promises to give you the most natural and desired results. The award-winning team of surgeons and their staff will help you choose from a range of surgical as well as non surgical methods of body contouring. CPS in Annandale offers the following procedures:

Facial surgery procedures

CPS offers the latest in surgical facial procedures to help you refresh your appearance. Signs of aging on your face and neck like sagging, hollow cheeks can be addressed with the best of treatments. Surgical procedures can help to enhance the shape and size of your ears and nose as well. Whether implants or skin excision, CPS can offer the best in latest techniques and the best natural results. Patients in Annandale can choose from the following:

Non surgical procedures

Non surgical procedures for the face and other body parts are a great option for many people who do not require extensive correction or do not wish to undergo a surgery. Neuromodulators and dermal fillers can help with dramatic rejuvenation on the face; laser treatments can help with skin tightening and vaginal rejuvenation; while peels and facials give you a healthy and beautiful glow. At CPS, we know how to choose the best treatment for your desired rejuvenation needs. When in Annandale, you can choose from:

Surgical and non surgical procedures for men

We at CPS know that men desire changes and cosmetic enhancement as well even though they are motivated due to different reasons than women. Each procedure is handled differently in case of men so that they get subtle yet dramatic results. From body contouring to liposuction, hair restoration, and Botox, there are several procedures to benefit men. If you are in Annandale and looking for cosmetic enhancement as well, you can choose from:

About Annandale, VA

Annandale is in Fairfax County in Virginia. It has parks scattered all over and these include the Mason District Park, the Wakefield Chapel Park, Turkeycock Run Stream Valley Park, Ossian Hall Park, and Rose Lane Park. The Wakefield park has a skate park, BMX classes and camps for children. It also houses a 76,000 square feet indoor pool at the Audrey Moore ReCenter.

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