Plastic Surgery in Chevy Chase, MD

Two former surgical practices in the areas of Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington DC bring their expertise and skills together to form the Center for Plastic Surgery. Doctors James French and Wesley Price have collaborated with Doctors Albert Fleury Sr. and Albert Fleury Jr. to bring the best in plastic and reconstructive surgery to their patients in Durham. In recent years, two talented surgeons Dr. Samir S Rao and Dr. Frank P. Albino have joined us to bring their unique skills to help our patients. The doctors and their team are committed to offering you the best procedures and latest techniques in surgical, non surgical and skin treatments.

Breast Procedures

Breast procedures are the most common cosmetic procedures across the world. Weight loss, pregnancy and breast feeding in addition to age and genetics bring about drastic changes to a woman’s breasts. Some of the changes that you might see include loss of volume, droopiness and sagging of the breasts. We, at Center for Plastic Surgery are committed to helping women achieve the breasts they desire. We can also help you when a previously done augmentation did not go right. The breast procedures you can opt for in Chevy Chase include:

Body Surgical Procedures

Weight fluctuations, genetics, age, environmental factors and pregnancy bring about many changes to your body. Even when you are at your ideal weight, it is possible that you still struggle with certain areas of the body where stubborn fat deposits refuse to budge. Our award winning team in Chevy Chase understands your concerns and then develops a treatment plan for you using both surgical and non surgical procedures. You can choose from the following procedures:

Facial Procedures

We offer the latest treatments and techniques to help you achieve a refreshed facial appearance. The best of treatments are used to address aging signs like hollow cheeks and sagging on the neck. You can alter the shape and size of your ears and nose, get skin excision, improve volume with implants and reduce fat from the neck. Patients in Chevy Chase can choose from the following procedures:

Non-surgical Procedures

Non-surgical procedures make for a great option for those patients in Chevy Chase who either do not want to go under the knife or do not require too much correction. We offer dermal fillers and neuromodulators which offer dramatic rejuvenation; facials and peels that offer a beautiful and healthy glow; and laser treatments help with tightening your skin and vaginal rejuvenation. Our team of experts offers a customized treatment plan that best suits your needs. Following are the procedures you can choose from:

Surgical and Non-surgical Procedures for Men

Men desire cosmetic changes as much as women do and nobody understands this better than us. We also know that men are motivated for change with different reasons and they desire natural yet subtle changes. There are several procedures men in Chevy Chase can benefit from including:

About Chevy Chase, MD

Chevy Chase is the name of both a town as well as an incorporated census designated place that straddle the northwest border of Washington DC and Montgomery County of Maryland. There are several settlements in the same area of Montgomery County and a neighborhood of Washington DC as well that include ‘Chevy Chase’ in their names.

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