Rhinoplasty for Men

As the central feature of the face, your nose is often the focal point. If you are concerned that your nose is not straight, lacks a strong or masculine profile, or disrupts balance with your other facial features, our Washington, DC board certified plastic surgeons can help. Rhinoplasty, also known as nose reshaping or a “nose job,” can change or improve the shape of your nose. Additionally, rhinoplasty may be used in conjunction with a septoplasty or turbinate reduction procedure to address nasal breathing issues—in this case, your insurance may cover some of the costs.

How Rhinoplasty Can Help

Your nose surgery will be fully customized to your unique needs and anatomy. With rhinoplasty, our surgeons can:

  • Adjust the size of your nose
  • Alter the shape of the tip or bridge of the nose
  • Reduce or narrow the span of your nostrils
  • Address an injury or birth defect
  • Relieve issues with breathing or function
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What to Expect from Your Rhinoplasty

Your surgeon will begin by making incisions inside of the nose. The final look you want to achieve will determine the technique used during your procedure. For example, if you want your nostrils narrowed, additional incisions at the nostril rim may required. During your consultation, our surgeons will help you determine the best surgical plan to achieve your desired results and will explain the specifics of what to expect from your individual procedure.

After your procedure, your nose will be in a splint for about one week. You may experience bruising and swelling on and around the nose, but this should dissipate within 10 to 14 days after surgery. Normal activity can typically be resumed two weeks after surgery, but contact athletics should be avoided for at least six weeks to avoid disrupting your results or causing injury.

Learn More at Your Rhinoplasty Consultation

If you’re interested in learning more about what male rhinoplasty can do for you, contact us today to set up your personalized consultation. Patients in or around Washington, DC are always welcome at either our Chevy Chase, Maryland or Annandale, Northern Virginia locations. We’ll be happy to help you understand what to expect from this, and many other procedures.

†Cost estimates are all-inclusive ballpark figures. Actual procedures to be performed and costs vary depending on individual patient needs. Our Patient Coordinator will provide a fee quote after your consultation with the physician.