Mommy Makeover Washington DC | Virginia

When seeking a Mommy Makeover, women know they can trust the team at the Center for Plastic Surgery. This procedure corrects post-pregnancy bodily changes, helping you regain your figure as you pour your energy into caring for your new little one.

Even the healthiest new mommies who work hard to get their figures back find that the changes from pregnancy simply cannot be exercised away. Excess skin that occurs when the body is stretched and pulled is left behind, and the swelling and subsequent shrinking of the breasts can leave them flat and sometimes fallen.

The Mommy Makeover is not a new procedure, or rather series of procedures, but is a newly coined term to refer to the combination of procedures that surgically restores the pre-baby shape as much as possible. It may include breast augmentationabdominoplasty, and a breast lift. By performing these surgeries at the same time, our doctors are able to lessen recovery time and get our patients back on their feet quickly.

With a mommy makeover, women are able to give a little back to themselves after pouring so much into their kids. By looking great, they will have even more confidence in themselves as mommies and women. If you are ready to reclaim your pre-baby shape, but need a little help to do so, call the Center for Plastic Surgery today to schedule your consultation.