Chemical Peels Washington DC

Sun damage and the loss of skin elasticity due to aging cause most wrinkles. As we age, the elastic fibers in the deeper layers of the dermis (the second layer of the skin) lose their strength, allowing the skin to sag and wrinkle. When fine skin wrinkles cannot be corrected by a facelift or by blepharoplasty, we recommend chemical skin peels or microdermabrasion to improve, or in some cases, eliminate these wrinkles.


Washington DC skin care patients can choose from a number of different types of peels. Micropeels are very light and are repeated several times to obtain the final result. These light peels allow you to wear makeup immediately following treatment and to maintain your normal daily routine. Deep peels penetrate skin to a deeper level, though they do not require repeated applications. Deep peels do produce crusting and peeling, which will take 3-14 days to heal. Some patients find their skin will heal slightly lighter or darker after a deep peel. Makeup covers this easily.

Peels we offer includes:

  • Jessner Peel
  • Micro Peel
  • Micro Peel Plus
  • TCA Peel
  • VI Peel, VI Peel Precision, VI Peel Precision+
  • ZO 3 Step Stimulation Peel


Jessner Peel is a superior treatment designed to remove superficial layers of skin. It’s one of the most effective light cosmetic peels available. A Jessner peel consists of a mild peeling agent that can be used to lighten areas of hyperpigmentation and to treat sun-damaged skin.

The Jessner peel is excellent for all skin types. It smoothes and rejuvenates skin, producing beautiful results in treating mild to severe acne, discoloration, moderate wrinkling, and sun damage. Peeling the face, neck, hands, and upper chest is also quite effective.

The Jessner peel is very beneficial for patients with acne, oily, or thicker skin, because it tends to decrease oil production and open clogged sebaceous follicles. It also contributes to the healing process of acne.

The Jessner peel combines resorcinol, lactic acid, and salicylic acid to result in deeper penetration and greater exfoliation of the outer layers of skin cells. This deeper exfoliation produces noticeable flaking and exfoliation in the following three to four days after the peel, and within a week a smoother, healthier layer of skin will be revealed


TCA (Trichloroacetic acid) is a skin-resurfacing treatment that removes dead skin cells, revealing a “new” layer of skin that appears smoother and more vibrant. As a result, it softens fine lines, minimizes superficial “age” spots and other skin discolorations, and generally improves the tone and texture of your skin. TCA peels are also very popular for diminishing the appearance of acne scars.


What Is the VI Peel? The VI Peel is a specially formulated, medical-grade chemical peel designed to improve skin’s appearance when struggling with sun damage, acne, or the signs of aging. The skin on the face, hands, chest, or other areas of the body can be rejuvenated as unsightly wrinkles, acne, unevenness, age spots, and more are reduced in appearance, while youthful collagen production revives skin from the inside out. VI Peels are effective in the treatment of numerous forms of skin damage, and can also aid in the removal of precancerous skin cells. A unique chemical solution is applied to the skin to remove the damaged surface layers, allowing the healthy skin underneath to be revealed, while collagen from within the tissue is encouraged to flourish.

The VI Peel is:

  •  Suitable for all skin types
  •  Less pain than other chemical peels
  •  Minimal downtime or recovery
  •  Patients can return to normal activities immediately

Who is a Candidate for a VI Peel? Anyone seeking to improve their skin’s tone and reduce blemishes may be a candidate for a VI peel. The VI peel has been tested and used on individuals of a variety of skin tones, including Asian, African-American, and Latino skin types, which traditionally have not always responded positively to chemical peel treatments. The VI peel was originally developed as a treatment for acne and acne scarring, and is still extremely successful at treating this sometimes frustrating condition.

How is the Procedure Performed? The treatment area is cleansed, and then the peel is spread topically over it. The process usually takes only 20 to 30 minutes to complete, and most patients remain comfortable throughout although a minor stinging sensation is normal. The patient will be able to resume normal activity right away, but must leave the peel on the skin for five hours following the appointment.

What is the Recovery Like? Following the application of the chemical peel solution, skin may appear reddish or tan for a brief time but this can be concealed with make-up. Cosmetics can be worn before and after the skin peels, but should be avoided during the actual peeling process.

Around day three following the procedure, the damaged surface layers of skin will begin to peel away, and will continue to do so for up to a week. While the skin is actively peeling, the patient should avoid the use of make-up, but is encouraged to apply moisturizers to minimize the appearance of peeling. The skin may be more sensitive while it is peeling, but this will fade when the peeling period is complete.

Patients can return to work or other daily activities immediately after receiving their VI Peel, though strenuous exercise should wait until after the first five hours after the chemical peel solution is applied.

What Will My Results Be Like? Positive changes in the skin’s overall aesthetic will be noticeable just a few days after treatment. Depending on the nature of a patient’s skin concerns, they may wish to schedule a series of VI peels every three weeks for intense improvement of the skin’s appearance, however many patients are satisfied with the results of just one peel. We do recommend maintenance peels a few times per year and a skincare maintenance recommended by the medical aesthetician to continue to enjoy the results and to protect against aging and sun damage.

Fine lines and other skin defects can also be improved with a procedure called laser skin resurfacing. For further information on this procedure, please see Ultra Pulse Laser Skin Resurfacing.

†Cost estimates are all-inclusive ballpark figures. Actual procedures to be performed and costs vary depending on individual patient needs. Our Patient Coordinator will provide a fee quote after your consultation with the physician.