Restore a Youthful Appearance with Thermi™ Skin Tightening in Washington, DC

Thermi is a breakthrough, minimally invasive skin tightening system that can be customized to address lax skin, cellulite, and stubborn fat bulges almost anywhere on the body. The family of Thermi treatments are a great solution for Washington, DC patients who aren’t quite ready to commit to invasive surgery but who hope to combat signs of aging, tighten the skin, and reduce small pockets of fat on the face, neck, arms, abdomen, and thighs.

NEW! Smooth Cellulite with Thermi250

Like other Thermi applicators, the Thermi250 uses a high powered, controlled radio frequency to target and treat cellulite virtually anywhere on the body—in addition to tightening and smoothing the skin. The specially designed applicator has built-in cooling and temperature control to ensure comfortable treatment that is both safe and provides optimal results.**

Thermi250 stands out from our other Thermi options for its ability to treat larger areas from head to toe while improving the quality and tone of the skin and shaping the body. By both shrinking tissues and smoothing the skin, Thermi can help restore a more youthful, slimmer appearance.

Thermi250 is a great option for:

  • Smoothing cellulite dimples on the thighs and buttocks
  • Tightening moderately lax skin on the abdomen, lower body, and arms

ThermiTight: How it Works

After anesthetic is applied to the treatment area, the small ThermiTight probe is inserted under the skin to deliver targeted heat energy to the fatty tissue. Throughout treatment, skin temperature is closely monitored with a special infrared video camera as we use the proprietary ThermiRF™ technology to deliver radio frequency energy directly to the target area. With ThermiTight, we are able to gently sculpt your desired shape with small movements of the probe, applying heat to the area proportionately to the level of skin laxity and fatty deposits. This allows for a treatment that is customized to each patient’s unique bone structure and aesthetic goals.

The tissue will experience immediate shrinkage, with the appearance of the treated area improving gradually over time. Final results** generally appear within 6 months.

ThermiTight skin tightening results

Photos courtesy of THERMIAesthetics™**

Why Choose THERMITight

ThermiTight is minimally-invasive, quick, and incredibly effective in restoring a youthful appearance to your skin. Bridging the gap between surgical and nonsurgical treatments,ThermiTight provides surgical-type results** without the invasive nature, recovery period, or higher cost. If you are suffering from mild to moderate skin laxity, ThermiTight offers:

  • Painless application: ThermiTight can be performed under local anesthesia and you should feel nothing more than a gentle warming of the skin.
  • A natural look: the ThermiRF probe allows us to very closely sculpt your contours without the appearance of stretched or pulled skin.
  • Single visit: treatment typically lasts 30 – 60 minutes and only one visit is required to achieve desired changes for most patients.
  • No downtime: ThermiTight is a micro-invasive procedure. You may experience very slight swelling and/or redness, but can return to normal activity almost immediately.

Gently Smooth Away Fine Lines with THERMISmooth

The ThermiSmooth applicator can be used alone or in conjunction with ThermiTight to address fine lines, wrinkles, and moderate sagging in more delicate areas of the face, such as the eyes and mouth. This smaller, nonsurgical handheld applicator uses the same THERMIRF technology, but it delivers precise heating transcutaneously (through the skin) to stimulate fibroblasts to produce new collagen over time. This allows the skin to be smoothed without injection or invasive application.

For those with minimal skin laxity on the face, ThermiSmooth can be combined with other facial treatments—including peels, medical-grade skincare, or ThermiTight for areas of greater sagging—to achieve immediate effects that improve over time.

Treatment is gentle and application feels like receiving a soft, warm massage. Because treatment occurs on the skin’s surface, there is no bruising, swelling, or side effects and patients may resume regular activity immediately.

ThermiSmooth Results

Photos courtesy of THERMIAesthetics™.**

Who is a Good Candidate for Thermi in Washington DC?

While Thermi treatments can offer incredible results** for the right candidate, it is not the best solution for those suffering from severe skin laxity, excessive skin all over the body after dramatic weight loss, or larger areas of fat to be removed. Thermi is ideal for patients who:

  • Have moderately sagging neck skin
  • Want to reduce the appearance of jowls or small fatty deposits around the jawline
  • Would like to minimize a double chin
  • Have moderate excess or sagging skin on the arms, abdomen, thighs, or flanks
  • Are bothered by the appearance of cellulite

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†Cost estimates are all-inclusive ballpark figures. Actual procedures to be performed and costs vary depending on individual patient needs. Our Patient Coordinator will provide a fee quote after your consultation with the physician.