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Angelina Jolie and the Breast Cancer Education Act

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons and celebrities like Angelina Jolie strongly support new efforts of lawmakers to improve patient access to breast reconstruction surgery. In May 2013, bipartisan legislation introduced the Breast Cancer Patient Education Act during National Women’s Health Week. This remarkable approach to planning and implementing patient education campaigns regarding breast reconstruction… Read more »

CPS Gives Back!

October 11, 2012 by Center for Plastic Surgery

We are proud to announce our Facebook campaign to help breast cancer survivors be better informed about the options for breast reconstruction following mastectomy.  Breast reconstruction is a procedure near and dear to us at CPS.  We’ve performed countless breast reconstructions and have had the pleasure of helping breast cancer survivors reclaim their bodies. Nearly… Read more »

Increase in Breast Reconstruction with Enactment of Women’s Health Law

In 1998, an exciting development in federal law enacted the Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act, which mandated insurance coverage for breast reconstruction surgery. Prior to this enactment, certain health insurance coverage, such as Medicare or Medicaid, covered costs associated with mastectomy, but were not required to cover reconstructive efforts. This was obviously devastating to… Read more »