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Quick Recovery Breast Augmentation

September 28, 2017 by Dr. G. Wesley Price

Breast augmentation has improved dramatically over the last decade. The newest generations of breast implants are significantly better, providing more natural results, fewer complications, and a much quicker and easier recovery—and we are now able to offer patients the Quick Recovery Breast Augmentation here at Center for Plastic Surgery in Washington, DC. How improved breast… Read more »

How Much Do You Know About Today’s Breast Reduction?

October 24, 2017 by Dr. G. Wesley Price

Breast reduction is one of the most popular and successful procedures in plastic surgery. Patients not only enjoy an improved self image after breast reduction, but the surgery also provides unique functional improvements: reduced back, shoulder and neck pain, as well as the ability to participate more fully in activities without overly large breasts getting… Read more »

Mapping Perfection: Photoshop Project Shines a Light on Beauty Standards Worldwide

August 5, 2014 by Dr. G. Wesley Price

Have you had a chance to see the Before and After photo project that has been making the rounds in social media? Freelance journalist Esther Honig explored worldwide beauty standards by submitting a picture of herself to Photoshop artists in 25 different countries, giving the simple instruction to make her “look beautiful.” The results range from subtle… Read more »