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5 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Bra

December 8, 2015 by Center for Plastic Surgery

A good bra can be your best bosom buddy: it’s there for you when you need support or just a friendly boost. Bras have gone through many changes over the decades, but they remain a shaping necessity for many women of all sizes and shapes! We’ve rounded up the top 5 things you never knew… Read more »

Why You Should Be Excited About Kybella

August 27, 2015 by Center for Plastic Surgery

Have you ever wished you could say goodbye to a double chin and say hello to a tighter and firmer jawline? Double chins can be troublesome, even for those with a generally slim physique or a healthy diet and exercise routine. Excess fat on the neck and under the chin can be a frustrating result… Read more »

Year in Review: Looking at the Most Popular Cosmetic Enhancements of 2014

It’s no secret that plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments are booming in popularity. Thanks in part to Kim Kardashian’s famous posterior, Brazilian butt lifts reigned supreme as one of 2014’s most popular cosmetic surgery procedures. BOTOX® remained a universal favorite even as new treatments and procedures gained in popularity. So what do the top cosmetic… Read more »

Take Your “Dad Bod” to the Next Level with a Daddy Do-Over

Father’s Day 2015 is almost here. Maybe you’ll start the morning with a heaping pancake breakfast with your kiddo and splurge on a night out with your partner. But if you’re feeling uncomfortable with a waist that’s getting larger or a face that’s gone from handsome to haggard, it may be time to treat yourself… Read more »

This Month in Plastic Surgery News

As a plastic surgery practice, we see a lot of written content about plastic surgery, and we’ve rounded up a few interesting articles that have recently come across our radar. Please leave us a comment if you would like us to provide more short roundups of stories that catch our eye! “See What You’ll Look… Read more »

5 Beauty Trends You’ll Want to Avoid

August 11, 2016 by Center for Plastic Surgery

Flipping through fashion and fitness magazines can be a fun way to keep up with our favorite celebrities and find out the latest ways to tone our abs or give our skin a summery glow. The vast majority of fashion and beauty trends are harmless and can even be helpful, providing new ideas to freshen… Read more »

Should the FDA Crackdown on the Cosmetics Industry?

September 15, 2016 by Center for Plastic Surgery

When we wash our hair, moisturize our skin, or apply our mascara in the morning, most of us take it for granted that the health and beauty items we use on a daily basis are safe—after all, doesn’t the FDA approve cosmetics? Actually, the answer is no. Although the Food & Drug Administration can regulate… Read more »

Check Out the Top 6 Fitness, Health & Beauty Podcasts for Your Daily Commute

September 19, 2017 by Center for Plastic Surgery

If you’re one of the thousands who have a long daily commute into Washington DC for work, you know firsthand how monotonous that time can become. If you’re lucky, you have a travel buddy to carpool with or you score a seat next to an interesting person on the Metro who can help you while… Read more »