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The 10 Best Mobile Apps for Women’s Health

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Whether you’re an avid early adopter or self-proclaimed technophobe, you can’t deny that modern technology is drastically altering our lives. With just a swipe of the finger, we have access to a near infinite amount of information, the ability to connect with loved ones all over the world, and real-time tracking of everything from world news to eligible bachelors within walking distance.

And while our various gadgets and social accounts have the ability to distract, they can also help improve our lives. A great example is the variety of women’s health apps that can help ladies on the go stay on top of their cycle, learn more about their fertility, and even remember to drink enough water.

Here are a few to check out.

Get to Know Aunt Flo

Surprise! Your period just started in the middle of an important meeting, while you’re wearing white pants, or as you’re enjoying a day at the beach. Sound familiar? What if you could get a reminder right in your pocket? There’s an app for that! Learn more about your menstrual cycle—and when to expect it—with one of these top period tracking apps:

1. Aunt Flo

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense period tracker, Aunt Flo is your go-to minimalist mobile app. It will learn the patterns of your body as you update it with personal information, and its simple interface gives you exactly the info you need without extra fluff.

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2. Eva

For a more robust period tracker with personality, give Eva a try. Not only will you be more likely to know when your menstrual cycle is coming or when the worst of your PMS symptoms may hit, Eva also provides some much needed humor that time of the month. Note: this app is only available on Windows phones and computers.

Baby Fever?

Did you know that only about 20% of women conceive when actively trying to have a baby? This statistic can be particularly frustrating for those who have tried for months or even years to start a family. Often, fertility takes a little planning, and there are apps that can help you learn when you are ovulating.

3. Hello Clue

Thanks to Hello Clue, both you and your partner can get clued in to your cycle and window of fertility. This interactive mobile period and ovulation tracker shows you—and whoever you choose to share with—the unique patterns of your cycle, when you’re likely to be most fertile, and when you should be showered with wine, chocolate, and personal space.

4. Glow

The Glow App can help you connect with others sharing similar fertility journeys, get insight into your own body via well-researched information on fertility, and interact with women’s health professionals to ask any questions of concern. What makes Glow seriously unique, however, is that it is the only app that also tracks male fertility, helping both you and your partner figure out the best time to conceive.

Play a Part in Your Own Health

Work, bills, kids, house…life can get pretty insane. Remembering to drink water, take your medication, or simply make sure your health takes priority can feel like a tall order some days. Luckily, these next apps have got your back.

5. NextPill

Ever forget to take your birth control pill? You’re not alone—most women on the pill admit to accidentally skipping a dose at least a few times. Whether it’s birth control, a daily supplement, or a necessary prescription, remembering to take medicine can be a challenge. Never forget a dose again with Medisafe Meds & Pill Reminder. This simple-to-use app will send you friendly reminders that you pre-program.

6. Plant Nanny

It’s safe to assume that we all know how important it is to drink water. Actually drinking the recommended amount may be another story—and that’s where Plant Nanny comes in. This adorable app gamifies water consumption by putting you in charge of the life and growth of a cute cartoon sprowt who depends on you (and how much water you drink) to survive.

7. Maven Clinic

Even when you know you should, sometimes a doctor’s visit is the last thing you want to do. Other times, you’re embarrassed to chat about your concern face-to-face or are simply unsure if that itch, tingle, or burn even warrants a trip to see your GP. While an app can’t replace the value of an in-person checkup, Maven Clinic is a great resource for in-between visits. Designed specifically for women, this app connects you with volunteer medical professionals who can give you advice, diagnose certain illnesses or conditions, and even sometimes prescribe meds. Note: this service requires a small fee, as it provides appointments with real physicians and specialists.

Bonus: Miscellaneous Must-Haves

These apps may defy categorization, but they’ll be welcome additions on your home screen.

8. Eve by Glow

Sex is a healthy part of life, but it still feels a little taboo to chat about in the open. An amped up version of the Glow period tracker, Eve by Glow lets you keep a log of your intimate life and health concerns, get trusted information about sex and sexual health, and take part in a thriving community where you can have safe discourse with other women.


Whether you’re looking for a new workout class or want to schedule a massage, the MINDBODY app helps you find exactly what you need to feel fantastic. It lets you scope out your local fitness, wellness, and beauty community, and you can book an appointment straight from your app. Real ratings and reviews help you make the best choices for you.

10. Elvie

Genetics, pregnancy and childbirth, and aging all do some strange things to the human body, including the vagina. Vaginal health is a very underrepresented aspect of women’s health, but conversations are opening up—and more and more tools are becoming available to understand (and support) what’s going on down below. Kegels are a great way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles to support bladder control and sexual function, but many have no idea where to begin. Elvie is a device/app combo that makes the process easy and productive.

Note: Available options for treating a number of these concerns have expanded greatly—particularly when kegels simply aren’t enough and surgery isn’t an option. Nonsurgical treatments like ThermiVa® can improve vaginal laxity, dryness, difficulties orgasming, and urinary stress incontinence.

Have Concerns? Talk to a Professional

Technology is constantly evolving, and apps like these help you stay on top of your health and know when it may be time to speak with your doctor about a concern. When it comes to your personal health, comfort, and confidence, no question should be too embarrassing to ask your medical provider. Chances are you’re not alone—and that the answers you’re looking for are more accessible than you think.

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