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Mommy Makeover

Pregnancy can be a magical experience, but it can also take a toll on a woman’s body, affecting her breasts, abdomen, legs, and more. After giving her body over to one or more babies, it’s normal for a woman to long for the return of her pre-baby figure. A mommy makeover at our Washington, DC-area practice is an effective surgical solution to restoring your youthful curves.

When seeking a mommy makeover, women from Chevy Chase and Bethesda, MD; Arlington and Fairfax, VA; and surrounding areas know they can trust the team of board-certified plastic surgeons at Center for Plastic Surgery. This procedure corrects post-pregnancy bodily changes, helping you regain your figure as you pour your energy into caring for your new little one.

Even the healthiest new mommies who work hard to get their figures back find that the changes from pregnancy simply cannot be exercised away. Excess skin that occurs when the body is stretched and pulled is left behind, and the swelling and subsequent shrinking of the breasts can leave them flat and sometimes fallen.

Mommy Makeover
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Why Choose a Mommy Makeover?

The mommy makeover procedure can provide a variety of improvements with a single surgery and recovery period. Women choose these procedures for any combination of the following benefits:

  • Reduce excess skin
  • Treat stubborn fat pockets
  • Tighten lax or separated abdominal muscles
  • Reshape sagging or deflated breasts
  • Improve breast symmetry
  • Restore lost breast volume
  • Improve the way clothing and swimsuits fit

What Is a Mommy Makeover Procedure?

The mommy makeover is not a new procedure, or rather series of procedures, but is a term that refers to the combination of procedures that surgically restores the pre-baby shape as much as possible. A mommy makeover may include any combination of the following procedures:

Tummy Tuck

During pregnancy, the abdominal area stretches, leading to lax skin. A tummy tuck is done to correct changes to the abdominal area by removing excess skin and tightening the weakened or separated abdominal muscles.

Breast Augmentation

Both pregnancy and breastfeeding can lead to deflated breasts. A breast augmentation is done to restore volume loss through the use of breast implants.

Breast Lift

A breast lift is often combined with an augmentation to correct sagging breasts and return the breasts to a perkier, more youthful position.


Liposuction is done to reduce pockets of stubborn fat or enhance the results of another procedure. It is often combined with a tummy tuck procedure for optimal results.

Your treatment plan is not limited to these procedures and can also include non-surgical treatments. You can talk with your surgeon about which procedures are best for your concerns! By performing these surgeries at the same time, our plastic surgeons are able to limit recovery time and get our patients back on their feet quickly. Your individual recovery time from your mommy makeover procedure will vary depending on the surgeries you selected, but this will be discussed during your consultation, so you’ll know what to expect.

How Much Does a Mommy Makeover Cost in the Washington, DC, Metro Area?

The cost for mommy makeover procedures generally ranges from $16,300 to $22,500, depending on the combination of surgeries performed. You will be provided with a price quote for your mommy makeover after your consultation with one of our providers. We offer patient financing for interested patients who would like to see if they qualify.

What Is Recovery Like After a Mommy Makeover?

Recovery time for a mommy makeover will vary, depending on the combination of procedures you have received. A good guideline to go by is to expect a recovery similar to that required of the most extensive procedure that you are having. Patients will need to avoid heavy lifting and exercise for at least six weeks (which includes lifting young children). You will be required to wear gauze or bandages following surgery, as well as a compression garment to help support your new body contours, as well as control swelling. Any discomfort can be controlled with pain medication. Be sure to follow your surgeon’s post-op instructions to ensure a smooth recovery experience.

As with most surgical procedures, there will be some scarring from your mommy makeover procedures, however, our team will create all incisions in inconspicuous locations that can easily be covered with underwear or clothing.

Your mommy makeover results will include a slimmer and more proportionate overall body silhouette, as well as a boost in confidence, so you can be the best mother you can be!

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Who Is a Good Candidate for a Mommy Makeover?

Women who have experienced childbirth and are looking to restore their pre-baby bodies can often benefit from mommy makeover surgery. Ideal candidates will be in good health, be at their ideal body weight, and be finished having children and breastfeeding, as future pregnancy can negatively impact mommy makeover results. If you have recently delivered a child, it is recommended that you let your body heal for at least six months before undergoing mommy makeover surgery. The best way to determine if this procedure is right for you is through a consultation with our team of skilled surgeons.

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Choose the experts that locals know and trust. Our multigenerational practice includes 4 board-certified plastic surgeons who provide the best possible care with state-of-the-art technology.

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When Is the Best Time to Get a Mommy Makeover?

While many women choose to undergo a mommy makeover procedure while their children are very young so that they can return to their desired appearance earlier, there is no “wrong” time to undergo a mommy makeover. Even experienced mothers who would like to improve their overall appearance can benefit from this procedure, years after giving birth. The main factor to remember is that you should only undergo a mommy makeover if you are finished having children. If you have any questions regarding the “best” time to undergo a mommy makeover procedure, we would be happy to answer them during your consultation appointment.

What Other Treatments Can Enhance Mommy Makeover Results?

There are many nonsurgical treatment options that can be done along with your mommy makeover to help further improve results. These options can help to improve your skin complexion and appearance, plus they require little to no downtime! These treatment options include:

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With a mommy makeover procedure, women are able to give a little back to themselves after pouring so much into their kids. By looking great, they will have even more confidence in themselves as mommies and women. If you’re looking for a mommy makeover specialist in Chevy Chase or Bethesda, MD, Arlington, VA, or elsewhere in the DC area, use the online form to request a complimentary consultation or call us at (703) 560-2850.

CPS has been helping Washington, DC, moms get their bodies back with mommy makeovers since 1986 and we’d be happy for you to come in for a free consult.

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