Acne Treatment for Men

Treating Adult Acne in Men

We offer a variety of skincare services that can help calm inflamed skin, improve breakouts, and reduce the appearance of scars.

Chemical Peels

Chemical skin peels work by removing damaged upper layers of skin and prompting your body’s natural healing response to increase collagen production in the area and reveal healthier underlying skin. Peels, such as the Jessner Peel, can help improve acne in two ways: minimizing the appearance of scars and treating the root causes of acne. The exfoliation that occurs when the chemical mixture is applied prompts your skin cells to produce more rapidly. This accelerated cell turnover prevents pores from becoming clogged and producing acne.

Specialty Facials

For more mild breakouts, we often recommend one of our specialty facials to reduce inflammation and deeply purify the face. Facials, such as the FiSZZ™ Facial, can cleanse and clarify the face to remove dead skin cells, debris, and acne-causing bacteria. Additionally, special formulations can help protect and nourish your skin, reducing future breakouts. Follow up your facial with an enzyme treatment or collagen mask for enhanced results.

Established Excellence

Choose the experts that locals know and trust. Our multigenerational practice provides the best possible care with state-of-the-art technology.

Meet Our Surgeons Dr. Rao, Dr. Price, Dr. Kanuri, and Dr. Albino Dr. Rao, Dr. Price, Dr. Kanuri, and Dr. Albino

Preventing Acne

Here at CPS we also offer patients medical-grade skincare products and information on developing an at-home skincare routine to maintain healthy skin. When you come in for your complimentary skin care consultation and treatment, our experienced skincare staff will work with you to choose products that are suited to your skin type and concerns, helping you to retain skin health in between treatments.

When recommending products to treat acne and achieve overall healthy skin, we look at a number of factors including:

  • How to maintain your skin’s natural pH
  • How to treat your skin at the deeper level of the dermis through treatment and daily products
  • What level of moisturization is suited to your skin type
  • How best to protect your skin through antioxidants, sunscreens, and physician-grade ingredients

Schedule Your Personalized Skin Evaluation

Patients living in and around Northern Virginia can schedule a complimentary consultation with our skincare staff. Together, we will develop a plan that includes specialized treatments and products to address your acne concerns.

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