Permanent Makeup

If you want to save time on applying makeup every morning, you might consider permanent makeup for a long-lasting solution. We apply permanent makeup for our patients in the Washington, DC, area to the eyes, brows, or lips for a natural-looking enhancement.

Am I a Candidate for Permanent Makeup?

Candidates for permanent makeup are those who want more permanent definition to their facial features without needing to apply makeup everyday. Permanent makeup can also be a solution for those with skin allergies that prevent them from being able to apply regular makeup. Those seeking permanent makeup should be committed to having the pigment for many years, but not a lifetime.

The Permanent Makeup Process

Permanent makeup works by delivering pigment beneath the skin, similar to the tattooing process. However, unlike tattoo pigment, which lasts a lifetime, permanent makeup will eventually break down and fade with time. This allows for long lasting color and definition, without the lifetime commitment.

Once it has been ensured that you are a good candidate for permanent makeup, you and our permanent makeup artist, Martha Pena, will select the appropriate customized color for you based on your skin tone, hair color, and desired aesthetic. After the appropriate color is selected, the area will be numbed with a topical anesthetic to ensure your comfort. Using a SofTap® hand tool, the pigment is then delivered beneath the skin. Depending on your treatment area, this can take about an hour to complete.

Where Can Permanent Makeup Be Applied?

Permanent makeup can be applied to define the eyes, lips, and brows. The most common uses for permanent makeup include:

  • Permanent eyeliner to the top and/or bottom lash line
  • Added pigment to the eyebrows to fill in sparse brows or to reshape and define their appearance
  • Lip liner and color to redefine the lip line and make the lips appear fuller

How Much Does Permanent Makeup Cost in the Washington, DC, Area?

Permanent makeup costs $750 per area—either the eyebrows, eyeliner, or lip liner.

What Is Microblading?

Microblading is another way to achieve semi-permanent makeup for fuller, more shapely brows. The process is slightly different from the permanent makeup tattooing process but uses a similar concept. It can be difficult to achieve a natural hair-like stroke with the regular tattooing process. To solve this issue, microblading involves a swift stroke with a hand-hand blade made up of microneedles to create a natural looking hair stroke. As the stroke is made, pigment is delivered beneath the skin for long-lasting results. Martha will take her time during this process, following the direction of your hair for natural-looking, full brows.

Your Permanent Makeup Results

There is no downtime required after your permanent makeup application process. Patients might experience some mild redness, swelling, and tenderness for the first few days. The color typically appears darker at first, fading to a more natural shade within a week or two. You might also experience some scabbing in the area which can be minimized by applying the ointment provided to you.

Each patient’s permanent makeup results will vary based on the expert tailoring that Martha provides. The length of your result will vary depending on your skin type, the type of permanent makeup you had applied, and how well you care for your skin, but results can last up to four to five years. Although the color will fade with time, touch-up sessions can be done in the future to maintain your look.

The first step to receiving your permanent makeup is to schedule a free consultation at CPS. Our skincare specialist will examine your skin and discuss your concerns to determine if you are a good candidate.

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