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Breast Lift

Weight loss, pregnancy, and aging can all cause breasts to droop and lose their shape. At Center for Plastic Surgery, our experienced, board-certified plastic surgeons perform breast lift surgery to help women from Washington, DC; Chevy Chase and Bethesda, MD; Arlington and Fairfax, VA; and surrounding areas lift and reshape their breasts. It is almost always performed in conjunction with breast augmentation, although women who don’t want added fullness can choose to undergo a standalone breast lift.

A breast lift procedure raises the nipples, removes excess skin, reshapes breast tissue, and tightens the remaining skin. During a consultation, you and your surgeon will talk about the amount of lift desired and make a surgical plan based on your goals. Based on your degree of breast sagging, one of several possible techniques will be suggested. Breast lift surgery may be combined with breast augmentation to restore or improve breast shape.

Breast Lift
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How Much Does a Breast Lift Cost in the Washington, DC, Metro Area?

Breast lift surgery typically ranges from $5,625 to $10,500, depending on the specifics of the procedure. In the Washington, DC, area, a breast lift with implants costs approximately $8,800 to $14,000. You will be provided with a specific price quote after your consultation with one of our providers.

How Is a Breast Lift Performed?

Breast lift surgery is usually performed as an outpatient procedure or with an overnight hospital stay. During the surgery, the surgeon repositions your nipples to a more youthful height and tightens loose breast skin to support and shape the breast.

The incisions made by your surgeon depend on the amount of breast sagging (ptosis). There are 3 options:

  • Donut lift: A surgeon uses this technique for patients who have mild to moderate sagging. For a donut lift, the surgeon makes an incision around the areola (the darker skin surrounding the nipple). A skilled surgeon can combine this technique (sometimes called a Benelli lift) with breast implants to produce excellent results for women with more pronounced sagging.
  • Lollipop lift: For patients with moderate sagging who need more support, surgeons make incisions around the areola and then vertically down from the areola to the breast crease (resembling the shape of a lollipop). It is also known as a keyhole incision procedure.
  • Anchor lift: This technique adds a horizontal incision along the breast crease to the incisions used for a lollipop lift, creating an anchor or inverted T shape. It’s recommended for women with severe breast sagging who need more skin and tissue removed. These incisions are also used for breast reduction surgery.

A fourth type of incision, called a crescent lift, involves removing a crescent-shaped piece of skin from just above the areola. This technique is much less common and is appropriate only for patients with minimal sagging.

Breast Lift With Fat Grafting

Combining breast lift surgery with fat transferred from another area of the patient’s body can add volume to the breasts without breast implants. The fat transfer technique is more often used as part of breast augmentation, but it can also benefit breast lift patients by creating a rounder contour to the upper breasts.

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Recovery From Breast Lift

After surgery, a dressing will be placed around the chest. The dressing will be changed two or three days after surgery. You will wear a soft post-operative bra for three weeks, except when you bathe. You should not wear underwire bras or participate in impact exercises or athletics during this time. You can usually return to your daily routine approximately 10 days after surgery.

The resulting scars will depend on the amount of breast droop and the technique, but are typically located around the nipple and in front of the breast. Complications from breast lifts are unusual. Occasionally, there may be a change in nipple sensation, but this is usually temporary.

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Choose the experts that locals know and trust. Our multigenerational practice includes 4 board-certified plastic surgeons who provide the best possible care with state-of-the-art technology.

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After Your Breast Lift Procedure

Patients are typically very happy after breast lift surgery and enjoy the benefits of wearing a wider range of clothing and swimwear. Breast lift scars are situated so they won’t show even when you are wearing a bathing suit or bikini and will fade with time.

Your surgeon will go over the best incision options for you in detail during your complimentary consultation, so you will know what to expect ahead of time. Your personalized patient information will also include instructions to aid healing and reduce scarring.

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