Brow & Lash Tinting

What are Brow and Lash Tinting?

This procedure is similar to tinting the hair, but it uses a safe, specially-formulated stain that is safe to use around the eyes. This process is generally semi-permanent and can be customized to your unique hair color and aesthetic goals. As an alternative to lash extensions, lash tinting can cause the lashes to look fuller and more prevalent if they are naturally light or sparse. Brow tinting can have the same effect, also allowing them to be more easily shaped.

Who is a Candidate?

Most people are candidates for this procedure, but you should be sure and discuss any sensitivities or allergies that might cause a reaction. Brow and lash tinting are safe and effective, but still, carry the possibility of a negative reaction from the skin and eyes. Contacts cannot be worn during the procedure, and you should be sure and keep eyedrops on hand afterward in case of irritation.

The Treatment

Brow and lash tinting should always be performed by a skilled aesthetic provider, and only using safe, specially-formulated materials. This procedure should never be performed using hair dye. After determining the proper color to be achieved, your aesthetician will take steps to ensure that little or no color is transferred onto the skin during the process. Then, the semi-permanent stain is applied to the lashes or brows with a spoolie, or disposable mascara wand, and left to sit for the appropriate amount of time. Any excess is then gently removed, and the results are immediately visible. The procedure can take around a half hour to complete.

Results & Recovery

Depending on the formula and your beauty product use (things like alpha hydroxy and glycolic acid can strip away the color), your results can last up to a few months. It’s safe to wear mascara or other makeup after your treatment, but be sure to be vigilant for any signs of reaction or irritation, in which case you should see your aesthetician immediately.

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