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Post-Surgical Healing, Repair, & Recovery

If you are considering cosmetic surgery, give your body the advantage it needs to optimize healing and recovery. At our Metabolic Aesthetics Clinic, we created a post-surgical protocol that includes peptide therapy and IV infusions to help our patients from Washington, DC; Chevy Chase and Bethesda, MD; Arlington and Fairfax, VA; and surrounding areas reduce recovery time and achieve amazing results. Our clinic director, Tyler Chavez, PA-C, customizes the specifics of each protocol to the patient’s unique needs.  

Tyler Chavez, MHS, PA-C Tyler Chavez, MHS, PA-C

Meet Our Metabolic Aesthetics Clinic Director

Tyler Chavez, MHS, PA-C, received his training at Duke University and has 10 years of experience in both plastic surgery and hormone replacement. He is passionate about peptide medicine and the benefits it can have for so many people. As clinic director working under the supervision of our surgeons, Tyler is dedicated to helping men and women reach their cosmetic and wellness goals.

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Our post-surgical protocol offers plastic surgery patients a variety of benefits, including: 

  • Expediting the healing and recovery process  
  • Optimizing surgical outcomes  
  • Prolonging the life of surgical results 

Many patients who have used our post-surgical protocols have been very happy with their results. 

Why Do I Need It? 

Recovery is necessary after every plastic surgery procedure, and most patients expect bruising, swelling, discomfort, and scarring during this phase. Our post-surgical protocol helps the body’s natural healing processes work faster and more efficiently. We use specific peptides to prepare the body for surgery and other peptides, such as BPC-157, to accelerate wound healing and decrease pain. 

Our Post-Surgical Protocol 

After surgery, the body must go to work and start the healing process. Our specialized protocol combines nutrients, IV infusions, and peptide therapy to optimize your body’s full healing potential throughout each stage of the healing process.  


1 week before surgery: Begin peptide therapy. 

Day of surgery: Receive a powerful IV infusion immediately after surgery. Begin your at-home peptide protocol. 

First post-opt visit: Receive a second IV infusion. 

Weeks 1 through 3: Continue your at-home peptide protocol. 

A Reputation Built on Results

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Your Consultation 

If you’re interested in our post-surgical protocol, let your surgeon know during your consultation. You will then be referred for a consultation with Tyler, who will structure a plan around your surgical date to help you prepare your body for surgery and optimize your recovery. We have helped many tummy tuck, breast reduction, and mommy makeover patients reach their goal weight prior to surgery. 

How Do I Get Started? 

To meet with Tyler Chavez for your personalized post-surgical recovery plan, request a consultation using our online form or call (703) 560-2850 for an appointment.