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7 Habits to Drop in 2019 to Achieve Better Skin


People want to look their best at any age. Over the past few years, there’s been great emphasis on good skincare habits and the products you need to have in order to achieve great looking skin. Because of this, you can find plenty of information on foolproof skincare routines and the best products and treatments on the market.

But even though your vanity is lined with the most expensive and raved about products, there’s still some areas in your daily routine that you might want to look into. Here are some habits to put an end to this 2019.

Consuming Too Much Alcohol, Coffee, Salt, and Sugar

By now you’ve surely figured out that what you choose to eat and drink have huge effects on the state of your skin. Coffee and salty foods dehydrate the skin, leaving it dull and dry. Sugary foods on the other hand, break down the collagen and elastin that keeps the skin plump and young. Alcohol inflames the skin, making it blotchy, dull, and haggard-looking.

Not Replacing Your Loofah Regularly

Bacteria, mold, and other harmful germs breed in loofahs and washcloths. If you don’t allow the loofah to dry after use, it will encourage the growth of bacteria which can lead to breakouts, dryness, and skin sores.

Skipping Post-Workout Shower

Trapped sweat in the skin’s pores can cause irritation and acne. Not showering or changing out of your workout clothes immediately gives bacteria a chance to wreak havoc on your skin. At the very least, take the time to wipe the sweat off using cleansing wipes and change into a fresh set of clothes to avoid breakouts on your chest and back.


A smokers’ skin is yellowish because smoking damages elastin fibers and stimulates the harmful enzyme that destroys collagen. Quitting cigarettes can greatly improve the appearance of your skin in just two weeks. So drop the stick and say hello to smoother and brighter skin.

Using Dirty Makeup Brushes

Cleaning your makeup brushes frequently can help protect your skin from acne, irritation, and skin infections. Make it a habit to clean your brushes as often as needed with soap or shampoo. It’s a therapeutic process and it’ll save your skin from breaking out!

Tanning to Treat Acne

Contrary to the belief that tanning can clear acne, experts say that it actually aggravates the condition and can only hide the acne irritation briefly. Tanning can dry up the skin and encourage the production of acne-causing oil. It also promotes sweating which can clog pores and trigger hyperpigmentation.

Not Sleeping Enough

Lack of sleep shows up on your skin. It makes the skin duller and fine lines more visible. Staying up late partying, working, or catching up on your favorite TV show can negatively affect the skin. You may not see them yet while you’re in your 20s but they will definitely catch up with you as you get older. Getting at least seven hours of sleep can do more wonders to how your skin looks than what skincare products and cosmetic treatments can do on their own.

Need an expert’s advice on how to best care for your skin? Schedule a free cosmetic consultation with us online or call us at 877-427-7888. We would love to see you at our Annandale, VA or Chevy Chase, MD locations.

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