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Bigger Isn’t Better for Some: Smaller Implants Are Becoming a Bigger Trend

Center for Plastic Surgery

The big news in breast aesthetics is small: breast implants are trending toward a smaller, more natural appearance. According to a recent article from ABC News, many celebrities with breast implants, including Victoria Beckham and Pamela Anderson, have chosen to downsize or remove their implants.

Large, higher profile breast implants have long been popular, but plastic surgeons are now seeing more patients choose a modest enlargement, to a B or small C-cup. In our practice, more women are also selecting shaped breast implants with a more natural profile. Many women appreciate these discreet augmentation options, which allow them to increase breast size or improve breast shape without making a change that would be obvious to others.

Women considering breast augmentation usually have a general idea of the breast size they want, but may find their ideas evolve after a [consultation]consultation[/consultation], during which they are able to try implants on for size. Our plastic surgeons help women discover the right size and shape by explaining which breast implant profiles and sizes will best match their anatomy.

Whether you prefer to go big or just want a modest increase, speaking with an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon is critical to success. Here at CPS, we understand that you’ll be living with your results long after a given trend has peaked, and we will give you the tools and information you need to make an informed sizing choice. We want you to love your results! We think the “perfect” breast size is what makes you feel happy with your body.

Read the full article here and learn more about the latest trend in breast augmentation.

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