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How to Maintain Your Breast Implants: A Beginner’s Guide

How to Maintain Your Breast Implants

Every breast augmentation patient deserves satisfying results that endure for many years. While breast implants aren’t meant to last forever, our Washington, DC, patients can increase their implants’ longevity and maintain the appearance of their breast augmentation results. 

Properly caring for breast implants doesn’t have to be an overly complicated process. If you’re wondering how to best maintain your breast implants results, here are a few easy, actionable pieces of advice.

Don’t rush recovery

While this may seem obvious, sometimes patients forget about the importance of proper rest. Full breast augmentation recovery typically takes around 6 weeks. Be sure to get plenty of sleep and rest during this time. Although many women feel fairly comfortable after the 1-week mark, it’s good to observe your surgeon’s instructions and take care of your body. Don’t push yourself or rush back into work or exercise.

Wear a good bra 

Patients are given a soft compression dressing immediately after surgery. This dressing can be removed after 1 to 2 days when an elastic post-operative bra is used instead. Further down the road, once recovery is over, a good bra is still essential to properly support the breasts. This support helps limit the impact of gravity and prevent stretching or premature sagging. A supportive bra is also necessary during exercise to curb excessive movement.

Maintain a healthy, stable weight 

The breasts can fluctuate in size and shape depending on a woman’s weight. Staying at a healthy, stable size can prevent sagging and support connective tissues. A nutritious diet and proper exercise are all that most patients need to maintain their implant results. 

Schedule a mammogram 

Mammograms aren’t always on the top of a person’s to-do list. But regular screenings are an incredibly useful tool for women of all ages—especially those with breast implants. An annual checkup allows patients to be more aware of their body and spot any potential issues early on. Before a mammogram appointment, women should inform their technicians that they have breast implants. The technician will be able to account for the implants during their screening.

Breast implants don’t have a strict expiration date, and they can be expected to remain effective for 10 to 20 years. Even so, by following our tips for proper care, patients can set themselves up for long-term success. 

Browse examples of real breast augmentation results in our before-and-after gallery. If you would like to learn more about your breast implant options here in the Washington, DC area, please request a consultation online or call (703) 560-2850 (Annandale, VA) or (301) 652-7700 (Chevy Chase, MD).

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