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Smooth Sailing Into Summer

Center for Plastic Surgery

Ah, summertime!  Just the word itself conjures so many fond thoughts: picnics, cookouts, sundresses, shorts, tank tops, swimsuits… and a relentless shaving regimen.  Why not get rid of the razors and all that comes with them?  Like irritating bumps, ingrown hairs, the outlandish cost (when did razors get so pricey anyway?) and the fuss of having yet another item to complete on your personal care list.  After all, summer is supposed to be all about leisure, ease and fun!

With the technology available today, laser hair removal is more targeted, more precise and more effective than ever.  It’s no wonder this procedure has grown in popularity and has become a favorite among so many of our patients – and it’s not just women.  Men too are enjoying a smoother back and cleaner hairline, especially around the neck area where collared shirts and shaving are the source for irritation.

Unlike other personal maintenance routines, laser hair removal treatments are relatively quick, efficient and can be completed at any time in your daily schedule.  With only minor redness following each session that subsides in minutes, there’s no worry necessary and no hiding out afterwards.  Because of the way the laser hones in on hair follicles during their “growing phase”, it’s performed in packages of multiple treatment sessions, with each treatment diminishing the amount of hair that grows back until the desired results are achieved.  We recommend an average of six sessions per treatment area, which can vary with some patients.

The final results leave our patients smooth, soft and overall thrilled with their decision to say “so long” to shaving!  And considering the cost of razors these days, laser hair removal more than pays for itself in the long run.  So reach for the sky, button up that oxford, show off your legs and break out that bathing suit with confidence!  Say goodbye to that unwanted hair and sail smoothly into summer!

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