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What to Expect from vFit PLUS

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Your body can go through a lot of changes with age or after childbirth, resulting in vaginal laxity and the bothersome symptoms that go with it. With vaginal rejuvenation, you can find relief from your symptoms, revitalizing your feminine wellness and restoring your confidence. Here’s what you can expect from the vFit PLUS device:

Treatment in the comfort of your home

Vaginal rejuvenation used to only be available as an in-office treatment, however, with vFit PLUS, you can treat yourself in the comfort of your home. The device has simple, easy-to-use features that allow you to adjust the time and setting you want. Simply choose your time and insert the device. In just a few minutes, your at-home treatment session is complete! It is recommended to work up to the max time on your device and use it about every other day for 8 weeks or until your results have been reached.

Professional results

Although vFit is an at-home device, you can expect professional results with improved vaginal laxity. After just a few weeks, your vaginal tissue will begin to produce more collagen, leading to healthier, stronger tissue. This can improve sexual comfort and decrease dryness. It can also strengthen the pelvic floor to improve incontinence. The vFit PLUS device can leave you feeling younger and more confident with your feminine wellness.

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining your results from vFit PLUS is easy! Simply use the device once or twice a week when convenient. To ensure lasting results, you should only start using vFit PLUS when you are done having children.

vFit PLUS is a professional style device, so it must be obtained from a medical professional. If you’re ready to rejuvenate with vFit, contact CPS today! We can schedule your consultation to ensure that the vFit PLUS device is right for you.

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