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Washington, DC area man considering rhinoplasty

5 Important Facts to Know Before Your Rhinoplasty

The goal of rhinoplasty is to sculpt and adjust the appearance of the nose. Slight alternations to the bridge and nostrils can make your face look balanced and more attractive. However, before heading into treatment, it’s important to do research and be informed. If you're starting your rhinoplasty journey in Washington, DC, there are a …

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Questions to ask when considering a facelift

Questions to Ask When Considering a Facelift

Facelift surgery can transform the face and take years off your appearance. However, choosing to undergo surgery isn’t a decision to take lightly. If you’re considering a facelift in Washington, DC, (or anywhere else for that matter), there are a few questions to ask beforehand. By understanding yourself and what you want to achieve with …

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