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FACE360 – A Comprehensive Evaluation

I developed FACE360 for patients who want to learn all the available options to improve their aging face. The beauty of this program is the ability for the patient to see a plastic surgeon, aesthetic nurse specialist, and aesthetician all in one consultation. We will work together to determine which procedures may benefit you the most, whether it be surgical or non-surgical.  Plastic Surgeon You …

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Is Rhinoplasty “Worth It?” Here’s How to Know

Choosing to undergo surgery is never a decision to take lightly, and that’s especially the case when it comes to rhinoplasty. Our Washington, DC, surgeons understand that hesitancy; the nose is the central feature of your face, and it influences your entire appearance. If you’re unhappy with your nose, you may be debating whether rhinoplasty …

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4 Common Facelift Myths Busted

4 Common Facelift Myths—Busted

A facelift at our Washington, DC, area practice can take years off your appearance and create beautiful, long-lasting results. However, some people are a bit wary of facelift surgery, as they have heard it can create a “stretched” or unnatural look. What many people don’t realize is that new techniques and advanced technology have changed …

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