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4 Common Facelift Myths—Busted

4 Common Facelift Myths Busted

A facelift at our Washington, DC, area practice can take years off your appearance and create beautiful, long-lasting results. However, some people are a bit wary of facelift surgery, as they have heard it can create a “stretched” or unnatural look.

What many people don’t realize is that new techniques and advanced technology have changed the world of plastic surgery. If you have had some lingering concerns about pursuing facelift surgery, here is the truth about 4 common facelift myths.

Myth #1: Nonsurgical options work better than facelifts.

With the rise of injectables such as BOTOX and fillers, there are many nonsurgical ways to shape and contour the face. Unfortunately, most of these treatments cannot fix sagging skin and tissues, making facelift surgery a more effective answer for many women and men. If you struggle with droopy jowls, sagging cheeks, or stretched out skin, a facelift can correct your problems. While we encourage all of our patients to explore their treatment options, many find that a traditional facelift is their best solution. 

Myth #2: Facelifts make you look unnatural.

Many years ago, facelifts were primarily done by stretching skin across the face. While this technique reduced wrinkles and folds, it often created an unnatural, “windblown” appearance.

But there’s good news: Facelift techniques have greatly improved over the years. Instead of just pulling the skin, modern facelifts adjust the delicate ligaments and soft tissues deeper in the face. This method provides natural-looking lift and volume that help you look like a younger version of yourself. 

Myth #3: Facelifts are only for women.

Both men and women benefit from the anti-aging power of facelift surgery. It’s perfectly normal for men to care about their appearance and want to look at the top of their game. In fact, men accounted for 1.3 million of all cosmetic procedures performed in 2018, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This number continues to grow as aesthetic procedures become more popular, and people of all genders want to look and feel their best. 

Myth #4: Facelift surgery is dangerous.

Any plastic surgery treatment comes with a certain amount of risk. However, facelift surgery is a well-established procedure with a high success rate and very minimal post-op pain.

For the best results, be sure to find a board-certified plastic surgeon to perform your surgery. Board-certified doctors have years of extensive experience and can help you create the results you desire.

To get an idea of the type of results that are possible with facelift surgery, browse our before-and-after gallery to see real patients’ results.

If you would like to learn more about facelift surgery in the Washington, DC, area, please request a consultation online or call us at (703) 560-2850 (Annandale, VA) or (301) 652-7700 (Chevy Chase, MD). You can also request a Face 360 consultation at our Annandale and Chevy Chase offices to review all your facial plastic surgery options and learn how skin rejuvenation treatments such as dermal fillers, BOTOX®, and laser procedures can enhance your results.

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