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Cosmetic Procedures for The Professional Woman

Center for Plastic Surgery

You’re a smart woman capable of changing the world around you, but that doesn’t mean you can do it all alone. If you’re pouring creativity, energy and discipline into your work, it’s natural to recruit help in other areas of your life. And our team of professionals is ready to pour their energy and creativity into helping you.

For many women working in professional positions, taking personal appearance seriously is part of the job, but time off for rejuvenating procedures is limited. This is why we offer options for facial rejuvenation with little downtime, and cosmetic treatments that allow you to return to work the same day.

Here is an overview of prime cosmetic procedures that require minimal time away from work. Each allows our patients to return to work quickly, without drawing unwanted attention.

  • Injectables:
    Procedures such as Botox and JUVÉDERM allow patients to return to normal routines with little disruption. We can have you in and out of our office in about one hour, and you’ll enjoy the benefits for many months to come.
  • Chemical Peels:
    As you age, cell turnover is slowed and your skin loses the ability to repair itself quickly. A chemical peel can help counteract this issue by providing deep exfoliation, which promotes the growth of healthy new skin cells. We have peel options that can provide nice results while limiting downtime.
  • Lasers:
    Lasers are another way to tame facial complexion flaws. Laser resurfacing can target and remove many telltale signs of aging and unveil clearer, younger-looking skin. Many professional women prefer lighter treatments at intervals, to avoid downtime. We can listen to your goals and suggest an appropriate plan.
  • Skin Care:
    This is the easiest option of all, provided you get the right system for your skin type. Just be aware that only medical-grade products which are formulated to interact with your skin at the therapeutic level can provide younger-looking skin. So, toss the department store beauty products and get an effective plan in place. We’re experts on pharmaceutical-grade, customized skin care, and can recommend formulas that will protect and rejuvenate your skin on a daily basis.

We offer free consultations for all skin care services at both our Northern Virginia and Chevy Chase locations. Your appointment includes a thorough evaluation with our skin health specialists, a personal interview to discuss your goals and a recommendation for your individualized treatment plan. Download our Skincare & Aesthetic Services Brochure for a full list of facial rejuvenation options!

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