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Does BOTOX Make You Happier?


Prone to the winter blues? Warmth and sunshine may be in short supply right now, but perhaps BOTOX could cheer you up. According to a new research review, BOTOX injections may do more than just minimize frown lines—they may actually help keep frowns to a minimum too!

Here’s the scoop: for years, scientists have posited that our facial expressions not only show how we are feeling, but that facial muscle movements can also influence how we feel. For example, contracting the corrugator muscles in the brow (frowning) not only shows that we are sad or upset, but can also cause us to feel sad or upset. The cycle continues as a depressed mood reinforces the frowning, and the frowning reinforces the depressed mood. Psychiatrists call this concept “emotional proprioception,” or the facial feedback hypothesis.

BOTOX injections may do more than minimize frown lines—studies show BOTOX may help alleviate feelings of sadness as well.

BOTOX, which blocks the brain’s neural signals to the affected facial muscles, is thought to disrupt the facial feedback cycle by effectively stopping the expression side of the equation, not only helping a person look better refreshed, but also helping them feel happier. The article, published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research, cites several previous clinical studies that show a significant reduction in symptoms of depression in patients who receive Botox injections to reduce frown lines compared to a placebo.

It’s not yet clear which is the “chicken or the egg” in BOTOX patients’ improved mental well-being—the neuromuscular effects from injections, or the mood-boosting effects of looking younger and better refreshed (and being perceived as happier by others). One thing is more certain: reducing frown lines and brow furrows with BOTOX can help you feel more confident in your appearance, and that’s something to smile about—just ask any of our happy Washington, DC Botox patients!

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