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How To Speed Up Your CoolSculpting Results in 7 Steps

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CoolSculpting offers patients many benefits. It’s a short, comfortable procedure without downtime or incisions. It offers exceptional versatility in contouring the body and produces high-quality results. The main trade-off for this popular treatment, however, is time. CoolSculpting relies on the body’s natural metabolic processes to eliminate fat cells, meaning it can take weeks to months before your results are visible.

While we can’t dramatically accelerate this process, we can recommend some strategies to complement your CoolSculpting journey and enhance your results. Wondering how to speed up your CoolSculpting results? Read on to learn more.

What To Do After CoolSculpting for Best Results

The following steps can help you maximize your CoolSculpting results.

Step #1: Eat a Balanced Diet

While CoolSculpting can reduce stubborn pockets of fat, it’s not a substitute for a balanced diet and healthy eating habits. While there is no “best diet” after CoolSculpting, here are a few tips to support your weight loss efforts:

  • Eat whole foods. Focus on a diet rich in whole, unprocessed foods like fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains.
  • Monitor portion sizes. Practice portion control to prevent overeating and maintain a calorie deficit for weight loss.
  • Limit sugary and processed foods. Minimize your consumption of sugary snacks, processed foods, and high-sugar beverages to avoid weight gain.
  • Avoid excess salt. Be careful of your salt intake, as fluid retention and bloating can mask your results.

Step #2: Stay Hydrated

Support your body’s natural processes by drinking plenty of water each day. Proper hydration helps flush fat cells more efficiently and aids your overall health.

Step #3: Get Moving

Incorporating physical activity into your daily routine—even outside of dedicated workout sessions—can help you reduce fat and tone your body. Take the stairs, go for walks, and avoid sitting for prolonged periods to help burn calories and keep your metabolism active.

Can you exercise after CoolSculpting? Absolutely! Just be mindful of your treated area(s) and avoid direct pressure and strenuous exercise for the first 48 hours. Once you are ready to start working out, we recommend the following types of exercise:

  • Cardiovascular exercise. Engage in cardio workouts like running, cycling, swimming, or even brisk walking to burn calories and reduce overall body fat.
  • Strength training. Incorporate strength training exercises to tone and build muscle, which can boost your metabolism and create a more sculpted appearance.
  • Targeted exercises. Focus on your specific treatment areas, such as abdominal crunches for belly toning or leg lifts for the thighs.

Step #4: Get Enough Rest

Good sleep hygiene and quality rest can support your body’s recovery and metabolic processes. Aim to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night to reduce inflammation in the body, regulate your blood sugar and appetite, and repair your muscles.

Step #5: Limit Alcohol and Smoking

Alcohol and smoking can set back your results by slowing your metabolism and impacting your body’s ability to recover. Both substances can strain the liver, making it more difficult to break down fat.

Step #6: Manage Stress Levels

Higher stress levels can lead to weight gain by chronically flooding the body with cortisol (the stress hormone) and causing the body to burn fewer calories. Practicing mindfulness or other stress-reduction techniques, such as meditation or yoga, can help you have greater awareness about how you respond to challenging situations.

Step #7: Be Patient

Remember that CoolSculpting results take time to develop. As you actively support your body in naturally eliminating fat cells, you will notice gradual changes in the treatment area. While the improvements won’t happen overnight, the results speak for themselves: Most patients see a 25% to 30% decrease in fat following their CoolSculpting treatment!

If you are ready to get started with CoolSculpting, including CoolMini® for fat under the chin and CoolSmooth®, please request a consultation or call us at (703) 560-2850 to get started.

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