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There’s a New Player in Town: IDEAL Breast Implants


Beauty trends come and go—and plastic surgery preferences are no exception. Back in the 90s, larger breast implants with plenty of upper pole fullness were popular, thanks in part to stars such as Pamela Anderson. Fast forward two decades, and women are favoring more modest size increases with an emphasis on looking natural. Here at CPS, we are particularly delighted with this trend—we’ve long been advocates for more natural looking plastic surgery results, favoring timeless looks over trendy beauty.

It’s not just a more natural look that women want; most breast augmentation patients hope to have the most natural-feeling implants available. Thus, many were torn over the choice between their preference for saline-filled breast implants and the more natural feel of silicone gel implants. The good news is at least one manufacturer has taken notice of this gap in breast implant offerings. The New York Times recently highlighted a new brand that may provide the best of both worlds: IDEAL breast implants.

Saline vs. Silicone

The history of breast augmentation is a long one, and breast implants have changed in leaps and bounds. They are now safer than ever—and there’s a wide variety of size and shape options, allowing women to get very personalized results. Even so, there are only two primary fill materials: saline or silicone.

Saline has always been a great option for women who want larger breasts with smaller incision lines, as they can be filled during surgery. Some women also feel saline is a safer fill choice, yet are disappointed to find that saline-filled implants just don’t feel as much like real breast tissue.

Silicone breast implants are more popular than ever for their natural look and feel. The latest generations of silicone gel implants are safer than ever and boast an incredibly low rate of complication, but some women simply prefer the idea of saline implants for their long history of use and safety.

Making Saline Implants Feel More Natural

Women torn between saline’s safety and the natural feel of silicone implants will be delighted to hear that a group of surgeons took on the project of designing a saline filled implant with a more natural feel—and that’s how IDEAL implants were born. Billed as offering the best of both worlds, IDEAL implants are comprised of multiple chambers that house sterile saline solution. The proprietary design limits how much the saline filling can “slosh” around, providing a firmer feel that is more akin to natural breast tissue. This design also helps keep the saline implant edges from wrinkling and becoming palpable, which was another concern associated with traditional saline implants.

CPS has long had a reputation for delivering both safe and natural-looking plastic surgery results, and we are especially delighted to announce the addition of IDEAL implants to our range of choices. If you’ve been considering breast augmentation in Washington, DC but have been skeptical about both saline and silicone implants, this revolutionary implant might be the perfect option for you.

Contact us today to schedule a personalized consultation with one of our experienced, board certified surgeons. You’ll get to feel and compare each type of implant as well as consider size and shape options. Together, we can determine the very best implants for you.

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