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Can You Spare Two Hours? Favorite Quick Treatments for Looking Refreshed After the Holidays


If you’re hoping to look better without advertising that you had a little extra help, the holidays can be a perfect time to sneak in a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure (or two!). Professional skin renewal treatments are a fantastic way to pamper yourself within a few spare hours, and you can have everyone at the office thinking you look wonderfully rested and revitalized when the new year begins.

We offer many options that are affordable, have minimal recovery time, and will leave your skin radiant. Check our favorites for maximizing the health and beauty of your skin in little time.

Softer, Brighter, Clearer Skin with Specialty Facial Treatments

To address mild to moderate skin concerns quickly and without downtime, we recommend treating your skin with one of the following options. You’ll see improvement quickly and will be able to resume normal activities in no time!

  • HydraFacial®: This is a unique, fully customizable facial treatment system that leaves skin softer, firmer, and more youthful looking—with no downtime and impressive, lasting results.
  • Refreshing facials: For a quick treatment that leaves your skin looking and feeling great, nothing can beat a facial. Try the Fire & Ice Facial for softening lines, or an enzyme treatment to brighten and purify.
  • Microdermabrasion: This exfoliation technique restores a softer and smoother complexion by safely removing the topmost layer of skin. Treatment is comfortable, and you’ll get excellent benefits with minimal downtime.

Tip: Ask us for a customized facial that caters to your unique skin type. We have plenty of options and add-ons that allow us to tailor treatment so that it’s just right for you.

If You Can Wait A Few Days for Results to Show, Consider These Anti-Aging Treatments

If expression-based lines, drooping skin, or loss of youthful volume are concerns, there are some additional options to consider. Treatment is still quick—you’ll just need a bit more time before you see results. We recommend having these treatments at least three to five days ahead of when you want to debut your improved look.

  • ThermiTight™: If you’re bothered by loose or sagging skin, this is a great option for tightening things up without surgery. ThermiTight combats signs of aging by reducing small pockets of fat and firming the skin by applying heat energy under the skin (subcutaneously). And it’s not just for your face: the neck, arms, abdomen, and thighs can all be treated. You’ll notice some shrinkage soon after treatment, and results will keep subtly improving over the following six months—so no one except you will know why you keep looking better every day. Talk about the perfect treatment!
  • BOTOX®: Are you concerned with frown lines in your forehead, furrows between your brows, or “crow’s feet” around your eyes? BOTOX injections quickly, safely, and effectively help you smooth these areas and provides a youthful, well-rested appearance to the upper face. There’s a reason it’s the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure on the market, so if you haven’t tried it yet, consider giving it a go this season!

Tip: While BOTOX is great for the upper third of the face, dermal fillers can quickly help you reduce other pesky wrinkles and restore lost volume to the mid-face.

Get More Dramatic Results With a Bigger Time Commitment

If you are hoping to correct more severe skin concerns, such as deep wrinkles or sun damage, you likely won’t get the results you want with a quick, no-hassle treatment—and you may have to baby your skin or rest up for a few days before being public-ready. However, it’s worth it when you see just how much the following treatments can improve your skin!

  • Chemical peels: Skin peels come in a variety of “levels,” with deeper chemical peels providing the most dramatic results. To soften the appearance of wrinkles, reduce sun or age spots, and provide a healthier, younger-looking complexion, we recommend a deep chemical peel to resurface the skin. Expect around one to two weeks healing time.
  • Laser skin resurfacing: If you can take a week or so off of work, consider laser skin resurfacing to improve skin tone and texture, smooth away fine lines, reduce the appearance of scarring, and improve the overall look of your skin. Treatments take 30–60 minutes and the results appear gradually over the course of a few weeks.

Tip: There are a variety of laser treatments available and it’s important to find the one that fits your needs best. An experienced aesthetic team working under MD supervision can make safe, personalized recommendations based on your skin type, severity of concerns, and your ultimate goals.

Talk with a Professional

It’s important to work with someone who is highly trained, experienced, and qualified to perform your treatment. Here at Center for Plastic Surgery in Washington, DC, we have a group of talented aestheticians on staff that are ready to find a skincare regimen that fits your unique needs. We offer professional skincare products like Obagi NuDerm® and iS Clinical® so you can maintain your results in between treatments, and we tailor our recommendations to best maintain your skin’s natural pH, protect collagen and elastin, and protect your skin from harmful environmental factors.

Schedule a free consultation today to explore your options and find out which treatments will make 2016 your best beauty year yet!


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