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Is It Safe to Combine Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures?

Woman experiencing the benefits after combining facial plastic surgery procedures in Annandale, VA and Chevy Chase, MD

When it comes to aging, most people experience changes in multiple areas of their faces. Heavy eyelids, drooping cheeks, and a saggy jawline can appear together and make you look older than you feel. Luckily, combining different facial plastic surgery procedures allows you to rejuvenate your entire face at once. However, many of our plastic surgery patients ask the same question: Is combining different surgeries safe?

The short answer is yes; it is perfectly safe to undergo more than one treatment at once. Whether you’re considering rhinoplasty, a facelift, or eyelid surgery, we advise our Washington, DC area patients to consider a few issues before treatment. 

Treating Different Concerns

Signs of aging can impact nearly every part of the face. You may experience lax skin or deep wrinkles around the eyes, cheeks, neck, and more. If you’re considering treatment, our plastic surgery team will analyze your face during your consultation. Our team also offers our FACE360 program, during which a surgeon, aesthetic nurse specialist, and aesthetician will work together to create a customized plan for your unique goals.

We will discuss your areas of concern, diagnose the severity of the issues, and suggest the best treatments for your needs. Some procedures, such as a facelift, have the ability to lift and contour the entire lower half of the face. But if you struggle evenly across many areas, you may benefit from adding other surgeries to target additional spots.

Benefits of Combining Facial Procedures

If you require more than one facial procedure, you don’t need to fear undergoing multiple treatments at once. Even when combined, the total procedure time is well under the safe upper limit. There are actually several perks to combining different surgeries. 

  • Saving money: There are often extra fees added on to surgery every time you’re in the operating room. By combining your facelift with eyelid surgery, for example, you can avoid stacking up these additional charges and save money in the process. 
  • Only 1 recovery period: Undergoing multiple procedures at once—instead of spacing them out over time—allows you to enjoy a single recovery period instead of several. This can help you save on PTO and get you back to your regular routine as soon as possible. 
  • Seeing more extensive results: If 1 procedure only fixes 1 part of your face, you may still be bothered by other problem areas later on. By combining facial procedures, you can enjoy comprehensive results that help you look more youthful overall. 

Yes, it’s safe to combine multiple facial plastic surgery treatments into a single procedure. If you’re in your 40s, 50s, or beyond and want to lift and tighten wrinkled, sagging skin, this route may be an excellent choice for your goals. 

If you’re interested in anti-aging procedures such as facelift or eyelid surgery, please request a consultation online. You can also contact our Washington, DC area practice by phone at (703) 560-2850.

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