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Rejuvenate Those Aging Eyelids


Nothing perks up the aging face better than cosmetic surgery of the upper and lower eyelids (called blepharoplasty). Some Washington, DC, patients need both the upper and lower eyelids done and may do the surgery with or without a face or neck lift. Some patients only need the upper or lower eyelids done. It is all genetic.

Frequently, the aging process is different for the eyelids than for the face and neck. The most common complaints from patients are that the eyelids make them look tired or fatigued. Usually, the upper eyelids look “hooded” or “sleepy” and the lower eyelids look too “puffy” and have “dark circles.”

For the upper eyelids, it generally is a matter of excising the excess skin with removal of excess eyelid fatty deposits when needed. The scar is usually difficult to find in a few months. The lower eyelids do offer some options—depending on the case. Most commonly, the patient will have excess genetic fat that over time slides forward and gives the eyelid a puffy, fatigued look. Most of these patients will also have excess, wrinkled skin. This combination creates the “dark circles” under the eyes and makes them look tired.

Occasionally, a patient will have excess puffy fat, but good skin, and we can remove the fat through an incision inside the eyelid. However, we most often will go through an external incision, just under the eyelashes, which allows for excess fat removal, fat redraping, and excess skin removal. Again, the lower eyelid skin heals beautifully, so the scar will be hard to find.

There is very little discomfort after eyelid surgery and the bruising lasts a week or two.

For blepharoplasty, the surgery can be done under a light general anesthetic—always with an anesthesiologist for safety. The recovery is usually accompanied with very little pain, but you may see some bruising and swelling for a week. We can help any patient cover up the bruising with specialized makeup, so that they can return to work and normal activities as soon as possible.

Surgery is performed either in our private OR at our Virginia office or as an outpatient procedure at Sibley Hospital.

Many patients will benefit from a lower eyelid chemical peel or microneedling as well. BOTOX® Cosmetic can help with the “crow’s feet” area.

Ideally, patients who see the aging process starting in the eyelids will be excellent candidates for our unique “FACE 360” consultation, which includes a one-on-one with the plastic surgeon, the aesthetic nurse, and an aesthetician. This comprehensive consultation provides the patient with excellent information about how to improve and take care of an aging face. Not only do they provide expert advice on the type of surgery, but also what skincare program and nonsurgical, office-based procedures would be helpful.

Our advice is to visit us for either an eyelid or a full “FACE 360” consultation. We are confident you will leave as a better-informed patient!

Contact us online or call 703-560-2850 (Annandale) or 301-652-7700  (Chevy Chase) to schedule your visit today to give your face a brand-new look.

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