Lower Extremity Reconstruction

Not long ago, a severe injury to the lower leg, foot or ankle might have required amputation and a life defined by limitations on physical activity. Today, specially trained surgeons are often able not only to save these limbs, but also restore near-normal form and function through microsurgery.

What is Microsurgery?

Microsurgery is a specialized technique that involves using a microscope and fine instruments to take tissue from one part of the body, along with its small blood vessels, moving that tissue to another part of the body, and then reconnecting these small blood vessels to other small blood vessels at the new site.

This technique has enabled surgeons to preserve vitality, form, and function of severely injured limbs, including the legs, feet, toes, hands, and fingers, allowing a patient to regain mobility in the injured area. Additionally, microsurgery can be used to correct congenital deformities in the hands or lower extremities. Techniques have advanced during recent years to include nerve repair as well as complex transplant procedures.

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Microsurgery for Lower Extremity Reconstruction

For patients who have experienced a traumatic injury to a leg, foot, or ankle, microsurgery can help to restore a more normal appearance and function to the affected limb. By transferring muscle, nerve, and vascular tissue from another area, such as the thigh, to the injured area, surgically reconnecting the blood supply, and restoring nerve structures, a surgeon can help a patient regain movement and sensation in the area of injury.

About Microsurgery at Center for Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgeon Dr. Samir Rao is a microsurgical reconstruction specialist. In addition to lower extremity reconstruction, Dr. Rao is skilled in microsurgical techniques for autologous breast reconstruction.

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