Plastic surgery in Bethesda

The Center for Plastic Surgery in Bethesda has combined the skills and vast experience of the top surgical practices – Doctors Wesley Price, James French, Samir Rao, and Frank Albino. This collaboration of CPS’ talented doctors has brought patients the best in plastic and reconstructive surgical procedures. The practice is committed to offering you the best surgical, non-surgical, and skin care procedures to help you achieve natural looking results that are aesthetically harmonious.

Facelift in Bethesda

Your face is the first thing anybody sees about you. It is also exposed to the elements at all times and begins to show signs of aging or sun damage sooner than the rest of your body. The Center for Plastic Surgery in Bethesda strives to help you with the best treatment for your facial aging concerns. The surgeons are committed to performing the facelift surgery with the best of skill and artistry to offer you complete rejuvenation and results that still look natural.

Although there is no right age to get a facelift, your surgeons will be able to determine if this is what you need depending on the extent or severity of your facial aging. Each facelift procedure at CPS is defined by the patient’s appearance, cosmetic goals, and desires. Usually, those with deep nasolabial folds, undefined jaw and chin, and lost muscle definition and skin elasticity are the best candidates for the facelift procedure. If your face appears tired or sad all the time due to these changes, you must visit the best practice in Bethesda at CPS and discuss your options.

About Bethesda, MD

Bethesda is an unincorporated place in southern Montgomery county, Maryland. Bethesda is home to the most prestigious private country clubs in the world, the Congressional Country Club. The headquarters of the defense conglomerate Lockheed Martin are also located here. Some other important Art Deco architectural structures are also here including the Bethesda Theater and the Walter Reed Medical Center.

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