Revision Augmentation for Washington, D.C.

The majority of women who have had breast augmentation love life with their new breasts. Sometimes, however, breast enhancement surgery doesn’t turn out the way you expected. Breast augmentation revision in the Washington, D.C., area at Center for Plastic Surgery can improve the appearance or comfort of your previously augmented breasts.

Our plastic surgeons are experienced with replacing or removing breast implants to reduce, enlarge, or reshape your breasts and address dissatisfaction or complications with a previous breast augmentation.

Candidates for Revision Breast Augmentation

If you have had breast augmentation and experience any of the following, you may be a good candidate for breast implant revision surgery:

  • You’d like a different size. Often, after adjusting to breast implants for a while, women begin wishing they had chosen larger or smaller implants—or even a different implant material. Our surgeons can switch your current breast implants out with implants of a different size, texture, material, or profile.
  • You’re unhappy. As time goes on and your unique circumstances change, you may decide you no longer wish to have breast implants. Most patients are happy with their resulting breast shape after implant removal, though results will vary based on skin elasticity and your natural breast tissue.
  • Your implants are poorly placed. The placement of your implants can have a large impact on your overall appearance. Poor placement of one or both implants can look unnatural and lead to dissatisfaction.
  • You have rippling. On some women, particularly those with smaller frames, the edges of implants can be visible under the skin. This can occur if implants are placed in an area without adequate tissue or if a saline implant is not sufficiently filled.
  • Your implants ruptured. Although rare, there is a risk of implant leakage or rupture from a significant force, which results in the immediate deflation of saline implants and a slow deflation of silicone implants. Revision surgery would require the removal of the deflated implant and if desired, the placement of new implants.
  • You have capsular contracture. Improvements in both breast augmentation techniques and breast implants have decreased the occurrences of capsular contracture, but a small number of patients still experience this condition. Capsular contracture can be prompted by sensitivity, infection, and bleeding that affect internal scarring around the breast implant. This results in firmness, discomfort, and distortion of the breasts.

What to Expect From Revision Augmentation Surgery

Your revision augmentation surgery experience will depend on your unique circumstances. For example, if you wish to have your implants removed, downtime and discomfort after surgery should be minimal. Addressing capsular contracture, on the other hands, is a slightly more involved procedure with a recovery period similar to that of breast augmentation.

Depending on your desired changes and the quality of your natural breast tissue and skin elasticity, additional procedures, such as a breast lift, may be needed to enhance your results.

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