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Is Breast Asymmetry Common?

Center for Plastic Surgery

Yes! In fact, it’s almost universal. Did you know that no two breasts are exactly alike? Breasts vary in size, shape, and nipple position. Even so, the majority of women don’t notice much of a difference, especially under clothing. While a minor amount of asymmetry is common, some women have breasts that are significantly different from one another. This condition can be a source of embarrassment and insecurity. The good news is that a skilled plastic surgeon can help.

When Asymmetry Becomes a Problem
While technically there are no symmetrical breasts, a difference of one or more cup sizes is less common. This degree of breast asymmetry makes life difficult, interfering with common things most women take for granted. For example, finding a bra with the appropriate fit and support may be nearly impossible without additional alterations or inserts. While many women love shopping, it can be distressing for women with notable differences in their breasts: finding clothing that hides imbalance limits choice, making dressing for both every day and special occasions stressful. And there’s the emotional battle of stepping out every day, feeling self-conscious about such a visible aspect of one’s body.

While some women are able to cope with their asymmetry, others want a surgical solution. Breast enhancement surgery is one option for women who are ready to have more balance between their breasts. The surgery can take several forms: the smaller breast can be augmented with an implant, or both breasts can be augmented with different size implants. Alternatively, if you don’t want implants, the larger breast can be reduced in size. The surgical approach should be developed on a case-by-case basis, and a consultation with a skilled plastic surgeon can help determine the best course of action.

In addition to breast size, other important factors related to breast appearance must be considered, such as the location of the breast fold and the level of the nipple. While it isn’t possible to achieve perfect symmetry with any surgery, differences between the breasts can be made much less significant.

If breast asymmetry has been causing you to feel frustrated or dissatisfied with your body, consider contacting us for a consultation. Don’t let breast asymmetry make you dread shopping or dressing for special events! Together we can address breast asymmetry and restore confidence in your appearance.

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