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Exciting New Treatments at Center for Plastic Surgery


We’re always on the lookout for new treatments that can help us achieve your goals quickly and effectively. Fortunately, advancements in non-surgical cosmetic technology are booming!

We’ve just added two more amazing options: the brand new lip filler JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA® XC and ThermiVA®, the non-surgical feminine rejuvenation treatment that’s getting thumbs up from women across the nation. Here’s a sneak preview of each:

Get your most luscious lips yet with JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA XC

The newest filler on the market, VOLBELLA XC is JUVÉDERM’s answer to the quest for the perfect lip filler, and we agree it measures up. Its patented formula is softer, smoother, and longer-lasting in the lips than other fillers—results* last up to 12 months.

Because VOLBELLA is more viscous than comparable fillers, we can use it to smooth vertical lip lines, enhance lip volume, and create a subtle lifting effect, helping lips look more youthful (not just larger). VOLBELLA is also designed to spread optimally beneath the delicate skin of the lips, resulting in a very natural looking, natural feeling outcome.

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance way to achieve any of these goals, you’ll love VOLBELLA:

  • Smooth fine lines around the mouth
  • Enhance lip volume
  • Improve the shape of your lips
  • Reduce vertical lip lines

Learn more about VOLBELLA lip enhancement.

Restore comfort & confidence with ThermiVA non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation

One of the most common and undesirable effects of pregnancy, childbirth and aging is a loss of tone in the vaginal tissues. Sagging labia and internal tissue weakness can cause a number of problems, from leaking urine to painful intercourse. No woman should have to live with such issues, so we’re proud to be among the first in the Washington, DC area to offer ThermiVA vaginal rejuvenation.

ThermiVA uses thermal energy from radiofrequency to stimulate collagen production and tighten both internal and external tissues. It’s non-invasive, painless, takes less than 1 hour to perform, and you can return to full activity immediately. Only 1 to 3 treatments are needed; most patients notice immediate improvements that continue to get better and better over time.

The benefits of ThermiVA go far beyond cosmetic, helping to alleviate physical and emotional discomfort caused by laxity in the labia and vagina. We’ve had great results* helping our patients:

  • Reduce stress urinary incontinence (i.e., peeing a little when you sneeze, laugh or exercise)
  • Wear swimsuits or tight clothing comfortably
  • Enhance the experience during sexual intercourse for patient and partner
  • Improve the appearance of the external genital tissues
  • Encourage natural lubrication to alleviate vaginal dryness

Earning the endorsements of celebrities including Kim Kardashian, ThermiVA is a game-changer for women—in the past, surgery was the only option to improve the appearance and function of the vaginal tissues.

Learn more about ThermiVa feminine rejuvenation.

Learn more about these new treatments at a complimentary consultation

The best way to learn if either VOLBELLA XC or ThermiVA is a good option for you is to meet with a board certified plastic surgeon, so if you’re interested in trying either of these new treatments, give us a call! If we determine that the product you want will benefit you, we can often perform treatment at the same appointment as your consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

*Your results may vary.


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