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Face and Neck Lift Surgery on The Rise!

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Written by Dr. Wesley Price

Facial Rejuvenation Options

Today we have many different options to treat patients with aging face and neck problems. Fortunately, over the last ten to twenty years, we have been pleased to add office-based procedures and products that can really help with aging facial and neck skin as well as fill in areas where volume has been lost or quiet down overactive facial muscles with Botox. We now have 2 full-time aestheticians and 3 nurse aestheticians who all help our patients with noninvasive skin care products, peels and other skin resurfacing procedures as well as fillers and neurotoxins such as Botox and Dysport. We also have very effective non-surgical options for office-based skin re-surfacing such as microneedling and the Sciton laser which can be used for the HALO treatment – a fantastic skin resurfacing machine.

Statistics on Surgical Options

However, we are noticing and the national statistics support that there is an upsurge in face and neck surgery. First of all, there is nothing that is comparable to a face and neck lift for the appropriate patient. Nothing else can really lift and rejuvenate like surgery. Also, today the procedures are better with shorter downtime. We almost always will be doing fat grafting or other fillers as well as chemical peels during the facelift procedure so that one can achieve the lifting and re-draping required and also smooth out wrinkled or deflated soft tissue areas. All of our facelift patients are seen by our skincare staff before and afterward to assist in their recovery and make sure they are on a good skin care regimen which will enhance their long-term results. It has become a real team effort here at Center for Plastic Surgery!

I would encourage you to come in for a free cosmetic consultation to see what procedure- whether facelift or nonsurgical options would work the best for you.

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