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First Lady Fuels Arm Lift Trend

Center for Plastic Surgery

Strong female celebrities like Michelle Obama are inspiring women across the country with more than just their intelligence, charisma, motivation, and overall drive. Toned triceps and defined biceps, like the first lady’s, are becoming increasingly popular with women, but are often difficult to obtain as women get older. Brachioplasty is a relatively simple and comparatively basic plastic surgery procedure that can reduce flabby upper arms. Results are dramatic and often long lasting.

Physicians believe this particular procedure is gaining ground over others due to the dramatic results that are available, but acknowledge that the increase is likely fueled by many factors. Plastic surgeons and other healthcare professionals are quick to point out that the ideal form of tricep toning comes with a lot of hard work and a lean diet. However, these same physicians note that our ability to achieve dramatic and sustained results often depends on something we can’t control — our genetics. This procedure has become especially popular with individuals who have undergone dramatic weight loss and want help removing excess skin.

Reports have shown that arm lift procedures have increased over 4,000% in the last 10 years. While still behind breast augmentation in overall popularity, this makes it the fastest-growing plastic surgery procedure available. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons continues to follow procedure trends on an annual basis and conducts polls that shed light into the reasons behind evolving changes.

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