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Your Guide to Injectables

Model receiving injection

At Center for Plastic Surgery, we know that not every patient is ready for a surgical procedure, or requires one, so we offer many nonsurgical injectable solutions to treat your concerns! With so many formulas on the market, it can be difficult to determine which one is right for you. So, here is your complete guide to the injectables we offer, based on your concerns:

For fine lines and wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles are some of the most common and earliest signs of aging. Luckily, there are several injectable formulas on the market specifically designed to smooth their appearance and help you achieve a younger appearance. Botox, a neuromodulator injectable can treat lines in the upper face such as forehead lines, frown lines between the brows, and crow’s feet in the outer corners of the eyes. Results appear within a week, lasting for up to 3-6 months.  Facial fillers like JUVÉDERM®, JUVÉDERM Voluma®, JUVÉDERM Volbella®, JUVÉDERM Vollure®, and even Radiesse®, can add instant volume to your wrinkles and folds in the lower face such as smile lines around the mouth, vertical lip lines, and chin lines. Depending on the formula, facial fillers can last for 6-12 months or longer.

For facial volume loss

Along with wrinkles, facial volume loss can occur, resulting in a hollow appearance around the eyes, flattened cheeks, and thinning lips. JUVÉDERM Voluma® is an injectable filler that can be placed in the cheeks to give a subtle lift with instant results that can last up to two years. JUVÉDERM Volbella® can be placed directly in the lips for a subtle enhancement, lasting for 12 months or longer.

For stubborn fat under the chin

Stubborn fat can be present on virtually any part of the body. Fat below the chin can be especially difficult to target with exercise alone. Kybella is an injectable formula that breaks down the fat cells so they can be naturally eliminated by the body. With Kybella, you can achieve a more contoured chin and jawline with results that are long-lasting.

To learn more about the injectables we offer, contact our office. We can set up your complimentary cosmetic consultation with one of our expert injectors to ensure that you are a candidate and go over your treatment plan.

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