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Ice & Fire: Non-invasive Body Contouring with the Science of Temperature

Center for Plastic Surgery

Do you have areas of your body or face and neck that could use a little re-contouring? You can now use the technology of temperature—both hot and cold—to reduce fat and tighten skin noninvasively. We offer new non-invasive techniques that are perfect for anyone who isn’t interested in traditional methods of fat reduction or skin tightening such as liposuction, tummy tuck, or neck lifts.

What is the difference between CoolSculpting® and ThermiTight?

CoolSculpting is an exciting new fat reduction technique. This procedure gently suctions skin and underlying fat into the head of a device where cold temperatures are applied for about an hour. This “fat freezing” is done in the office while the patient reads, checks email, or relaxes. Most treated areas have successful results*, with about a 20% reduction of fat.

We also have two new skin tightening technologies. ThermiSmooth is a completely non-invasive procedure, while ThermiTight is minimally invasive and is performed under local anesthesia. Both approaches use radiofrequency to cause collagen tightening. When the skin is heated with these devices, the inflammatory process stimulates fibroblasts to produce new collagen.

CoolSculpting offers a more dramatic fat reduction in areas of the body with pinchable fat. ThermiTight is great for minor fat reduction in smaller areas of the face that also require skin tightening. ThermiTight is ideal for face, neck, and arms. CoolSculpting is even better for your abdomen, flanks, and other stubborn problem areas.

I have excess skin now around my neck; what treatment option is best for me?

ThermiTight is our new favorite option for patients with moderately sagging neck skin who want to reduce the appearance of jowls or minimize a double chin. ThermiTight requires no downtime, and results* gradually appear over the course of two to three months.

What will my results* look like?

Since both are nonsurgical procedures, it’s important to know that CoolSculpting and ThermiRF® procedures won’t provide the same results* as liposuction, tummy tuck surgery, or facelift. CoolSculpting and ThermiTight are great options if you’re near your ideal weight and want to take your fat reduction and skin tightening to the next level with nonsurgical treatment options.

A major benefit our clientele enjoy is that no one will know you’ve had “work done.” As your body metabolizes and eliminates frozen fat cells after CoolSculpting, you’ll gradually slim down without a sudden change in appearance. ThermiTight uses heat under the skin to stimulate the production of collagen, which firms your skin gradually.  The results* of both treatments are subtle and natural-looking.

Can I have both CoolSculpting and ThermiTight?

Absolutely! Many of our patients opt for both of these complementary treatments to pair the power of their benefits. CoolSculpting helps smooth out stubborn fat deposits while ThermiTight reduces the appearance of unsightly loose skin. Together, they create a “ice and fire” approach to melt underlying fat and tighten the skin.

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*Individual results vary.

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