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Year in Review: Looking at the Most Popular Cosmetic Enhancements of 2014

Center for Plastic Surgery

It’s no secret that plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments are booming in popularity. Thanks in part to Kim Kardashian’s famous posterior, Brazilian butt lifts reigned supreme as one of 2014’s most popular cosmetic surgery procedures. BOTOX® remained a universal favorite even as new treatments and procedures gained in popularity.

So what do the top cosmetic surgeries for 2014 tell us about cosmetic procedure trends for this year? Here are the most popular plastic surgery procedures for 2014 and our predictions for this year’s top trends.

Combination Procedures for Better Results

Combining multiple procedures for a more proportional or flattering result is a trend that rapidly gained popularity last year and will continue through 2015. Rather than just having a chin implant or rhinoplasty, a growing number of individuals are opting to have both procedures at the same time to achieve better facial harmony. And pairing a Brazilian butt lift with liposuction, for example, can enhance overall body proportion.

BOTOX Injectable Treatment

A long-time favorite, BOTOX remained the most popular non-invasive treatment of 2014, outranking other favorite nonsurgical procedures like CoolSculpting® and JUVÉDERM®. With its ability to reduce frown lines on the forehead, furrows between the eyes, and pesky “crows feet,” we predict BOTOX will continue to be the top treatment in 2015.

Plumper, More Defined Lips

When you think “full lips,” the 2014 focus on Kylie Jenner’s famous pucker may come to mind. Lush lips were all the rage, and Restylane® was the go-to solution for fuller lips among our patients. Our prediction: 2015 will bring even more options for adding volume and definition to the mouth area.

Cutting-Edge Lasers

2014 loved lasers for their ability to reduce signs of aging, diminish scars, and leave complexions glowing and fresh—even Jennifer Aniston came out publicly to show her laser love. At CPS, IPL (intense pulse light) laser therapy was a favorite among our patients for smoothing and brightening the skin. It works by stimulating replacement of damaged skin with younger, smoother, and healthier skin.

As news spreads of lasers’ skin-restoring magic, we predict many more men and women will try them out in 2015—especially now that we have laser treatments for practically any skin type and issue.

Male Plastic Surgery

For years, male plastic surgery was fairly limited: liposuction for reducing male breasts was the main procedure men sought out. 2014 saw an increased number of men requesting BOTOX® or dermal fillers to treat fine lines and the appearance of aging—perhaps you’ve heard the newly coined term, “Brotox.”

Male facelifts and body contouring procedures are also on the rise, with men making up around 10% of total cosmetic surgery patients. We expect this trend for male plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancement to increase in popularity in 2015, with a focus on minimally invasive procedures and non-surgical treatments.

What’s on your cosmetic procedure wish list for 2015?


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